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  1. 1 Bush 2 Reading 3 CV 4 Cabs 5 Fusion 6 W S 7 Hurcs 8 C T 9 Sun 10 S K I can't do A cuz i live there... 😉
  2. do it Jeff, just don't meet him at rehearsal.... he'll start talking from the beginning of time... " I was born into a drum corps family.........etc." :) Staff...."Come on John..." John, " I'm talking to my new friend"...... Staff "uuuuugggghhhhh".........
  3. This is not scores, but... The 62 was Govs first show of the year. Monday night in Mankato was better while adding a song from the night before. Since it was a Monday night Chops was missing quite a few. From a bad angle on my part looks like a veeeeery interesting show with great solo work. Saturday at DCI Mn. was the best of the 3 shows in 6 days. (and 2 parades and a concert). Just missing one part of the show. Chops had many more people on the field and from an even worse angle then Monday (the tunnel) seemed better too. Crowd seemed to enjoy them. Big Doub is correct. First scores are 8/4. From another thread, the dci scores really do us not much good. On the other hand, love hearing the judges commentary. Next show is end of July at a DCI Open show. If anyone would like to hear an equally pathetic review of that show I would be glad to do so :)
  4. I understand the Mn recruiting prob (believe me). I just wonder how Chops did it being in the same area as MB.
  5. Just think, if Chops and CT stayed in A there would be more A's then Open's ;)
  6. seems as though there are 8 A's and 11 opens...way to go A class. And adding 2 to OPen class :)
  7. I see the posts from Kilts, Alliance and 3 new to DCA corps. Cadence. So, 9 maybe 10 class A. Now we are getting somewhere. 12 or so Opens and we are back over 20 at prelims. cool....
  8. Excelsior = :( well, still more then 5 :) Come back Excelsior!!!
  9. Well, here it is, the first obligatory hyping class A for the season question. Could be 10? Excelsior and Kilties coming back? Cadence from merry old... couple new corps? Can Southern Knights keep pushing forward? Erie? Can C.T. be the first corps ever to win 3 in a row in class A? All this and more coming in '18 ;)
  10. The staffs are told where to go and this year it was 306. I will assume we all behaved ourselves or nobody from that seating area reads DCP or no news is good news. Back to staring at the weather channel. ;)
  11. Back to the original post, I sat in the 306 section during almost all of prelims. I saw and heard no distractions. I could be wrong. Was anyone offended by the staffs?
  12. And it's a good one. Congrats C T! well deserved.