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  1. I would have to say E=mc2, Downsideup & Old Powerhouse Cadets would be Crown 2019 it’s something different all in itself really!!
  2. I believe it’s a tiny bass but I will check and see
  3. I think he aged out already but I’m not sure!!
  4. From what I’ve heard it’s beat singing to the drums for like 30 seconds, not sure if they’ve kept it or not. Interesting from what I’ve seen so far they have 6 basses marching
  5. Be prepared to have no skin left on your face!!! 🤣🤣
  6. Heat wave is still looking for brass members and colorguard members! Those still looking to march please contact them. This will be their longest tour yet.
  7. From an alum I wish you much success!!! You are definitely in great hands of learning so much!!
  8. As someone who has seen the show in person and knows Tarpon since “99” they don’t really distract. They do draw your eye where they want the effect to go which is a plus. They do use them well, like breaking them apart and putting them back together rather then staying in one spot the entire time.
  9. I agree! I know a lot more of these staff then the last staff.
  10. http://www.carolinacrown.org/index.php/connect/latest-news/233-carolina-crown-announces-2019-crownguard-team