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  1. Wondering if you feel the same way about the Cavies? Not every guy is cut out to be in an all Male Corps. There are PLENTY of Coed Corps the female can choose from. Now there will be only 1 all Male Corps if a guy wants to be in one. Has nothing to do with being chauvinistic. It's a brotherhood. Kinda like a sorority...its a sisterhood. Are you gonna call for the end of all Sororities now too? No one is forcing these young men to be a Madison Scout...they are becasue THEY want to be This move...sucks. so many emotions flowing through me. Funny thing is, my wife is even more a
  2. Thank God!!! Yes!! And I really did love the show. I need to go back and do a proper review on the Cavies!
  3. I try...there's enough angst on this site at times. Just trying to say it from my perspective. Thanks for the kind words. 🙂
  4. I was at the show last night. First show in a few years. First time posting here in a few years. My life has been nuts last few years...beating cancer was one of them. And to be honest, had some issues with the lack of traditions in Drum Corps as of late. But...it in my blood and I wanted to go to a show again. So, here's my review and thoughts. And yes...I've read all 26 pages of this thread. Lol. I was sitting in Section 105 row M seats 9/10. Nearly the 40 yard line left of the 50 looking at the field. Row M was about 3/4 of the way up the stadium. * For the record I ha
  5. Yeah....like how about actually playing music at the beginning versus chatting and dancing. Wait, they can do that?
  6. I haven't posted on this site in a few years but I can't NOT say something any longer. The Madison Scouts have lost their way...and it makes me sad, angry, frustrated, hurt...among several other. I told my wife, I can't do Madison this year...she was shocked. I was never a Scout, but when I marched, I felt like I was. I know I'm old school....I get Drum Corps of today is different, most of which, I'm ok with. But whoever is running Madison right now should be fired for taking such a storied and TRADITIONAL franchise and trying to make them something they aren't. They are barely be
  7. Look at SCV....all Professional. Love that. most others out of control. #oldschool
  8. Not done...but i'll 2nd the HS narration. Gotta tell a story with words today apparently.
  9. Really liked the Crossmen's show!! What a sick ending!! They were better than the Academy or Madison.
  10. ok. 1st time I've seen Madision this year. to be fair, I am a Big Madison fan, so there's that. Here's what I think. 1. Now that....is a Drum Corps. Not too much narration, sorry Boston fans, hated that show, all that crap makes me tune the rest of the show out. What a show Madison. 2. Almost zero props on the field. Like that because they actually did all kinds of old school drill. However, this hurts them badly with the scores. They aren't in the same category as the rest of the Corps in that regard. 3. Classic Madison, which I love, but...the judges have seen Classic
  11. If more of the big boys played....as I stated earlier...they could have their own class. Imagine 5 or 6 really good "B"/Cadet corps competing against each other. Id go see that.