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  1. WA State now under "Stay at home" order.
  2. If I could talk to that kid, I might say to them "Got any grandparents? You might wanna think about your 'boomer remover' statement"
  3. Section 341, Row 2, Seat 17. BTW, my first name is Kyle
  4. So, they are waiting for a lightening of the lightning?
  5. Do you see line-array speakers as a partial solution? (Could be costly for many corps, I would imagine).
  6. Thanks for that explanation (I hadn't thought of it that way) - if all that was done with the sub-frequencies is what you described, that would be different than actually covering up the tuba sounds. These days, it is probably more of an issue on the streams than in-person problem, although I have heard a few shows live this year that had overpowering "goo" happening. Are you saying that none of the corps are doubling the tuba octave? It sure seems like I am hearing some synth patches that are "boosting" the tuba - or is it just overtones? I agree that it could be a topic unto itself.
  7. On the other hand, I would prefer microphones on tubas to having to listen to thunderous goo.
  8. Well, so much for my inside info on SCV - maybe we'll get to see the ending on Saturday!
  9. A "little bird" told me that SCV is supposed to (finally) have their ending in place, and that they are working on a way to tone down the glare on the tarps. I am curious how that turns out.
  10. I believe you are correct regarding DCI Competitions, but the show I was talking about was the 1975 VFW Nationals competition in LA.
  11. My first year marching (1975), we had a military inspection before a show in LA. Memorial Coliseum. I don't recall ever having one again after that. Side note: I live in WA State, and there is a parade in Ellensburg that still does military-style inspections as part of the judging. Anybody else remember military inspections as part of a drum corps show?