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  1. The Headless Contra Player


    As much as I prefer outdoor Drum Corps, the weather argument has to outweigh the sound problems. I don't see the sound being any better today than it was in 2010 which was the 1st year I saw at LOS. Hopefully more can be done to improve the delivered end product at Semis and Finals since whether I like it or not I will be travelling to Indy for finals until we get another venue. My daughter who will be a Band Director in a couple of years loves the activity and it is our annual trip. Would love to see it return to UWW once more although I know there is nowhere near enough infrustructure to support the fans arriving for the shows... Contra by genetics, Yamaha by choice.
  2. The Headless Contra Player

    Judging Amplification and Electronics

    I enjoy the discussion on this topic. I am a musician (not a good one..but) and a former marching member of a DCI corps that long ago went out of the endzone never to return. I am currently, however a fan of DCI and the father of another fan of DCI. I'm glad my daughter enjoys the activity. She's going to be a band director and will likely continue to promote the activity throughout her professional career. I am also, not a hater of the changes that DCI has undergone. I think that the product on the field from WC Corps 1 - 26 and all of the OC Corps is significantly higher than it was 10-15 years ago. Long winded intro to a brief statement: If corps are going to see benefit of higher scores for the effects of using electronics or amplification then they should also see a negative effect to scores when that equipment is not functioning properly or is operated outside of good musical delivery. Thanks in advance for any responses. Positive or negative. D Hawkins
  3. The Headless Contra Player

    Finals 2014

    How about a return to its roots and hold finals at Warhawk Stadium in Whitewater WI?
  4. The Headless Contra Player

    2012 show ideas

    As long as the level of musicianship and performance remains as high as it has been over the past 2 years, they can play elevator music and keep me on the edge of my seat. I would really love to see: Madison do "Funeral for a Friend"/"Love Lies Bleeding". The "2112" for Crown is fantastic. My daughter wants to see Bluecoats do some of the music from MYST (Jack Wall) and Boston should definitely do the music of "Boston" ((Foreplay/Long Time) 1st timer poster, please be patient with me. Vaqueros Contra Dan (Headless but I have yet to see a head on a contra)