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  1. Yes it is side to side. Lots of that in this show. Mellophones do it. Low brass pan across the back behind the mellophones.
  2. Um. These are assistant band directors or adjunct college faculty. Real jobs to me. Full time. Other than the college gig, with benefits. And this is just google. As I said, band director friend looking for a gig couldn't apply to one where drum corps experience was REQUIRED. The good corps style bands want corps experienced teachers. Unless you consider a full time band director not a "real job."
  3. Well, after sifting through a lot of high school "tech" positions I found these 3 somewhat quickly. The initial flood that I got of mostly tech positions did mislead me at first. I typed in band directing jobs drum corps experience required and band jobs drum corps experience. One also from Milton high school in Atlanta came up but the link itself just didn't come up on my phone. The head guy there is a drum corps guy so I guess he feels comfortable having an assistant that also has drum corps experience. His band is pretty darn good too. To me, drum corps can do nothing but help the music edu
  4. Drum corps experience is already becoming a requirement or preference on many band openings. Band director friend on the hunt told me he has seen it (and did not apply since he never marched) and a quick Google search confirms this. And it will only become more prevalent as drum corps becomes more accepted by traditional music education. If you hope to become a band director, marching drum corps is a good idea.
  5. Loud is good. Poor acoustics is not. KC is one of the loudest if not the loudest stadium in the NFL and it is also the best stadium in my opinion to hear drum corps. I'm sure folks that were there in 88 and 89 would concur. To the general topic, I really hope that DCI values acoustics again over the ease of the color guard to perform and perfect conditions for the audience. It's very frustrating to teach a brass section every year and be let down by the final result. Although I did finally find a half way decent spot in Lucas Oil to watch a show. Only took 4 years.
  6. That would be fabulous. Feel free to contact me. Info can be found on the corp's website. Thanks!
  7. Sorry for the double post there. As the previous post said, the biggest reason for the Bluecoats is because I work there. I'm selfish and I want the talent to come to my drum corps. You make some good points especially around doing a localized clinic. Around the issues that you brought up about dci being attractive. We have already recruited and partially funded through this scholarship a HBCU member. He's the soloist from the top of the show with the tilt and one of our screamers. It's already worked. And this guy both bleeds blue and loves his show band as well. And one of the members of
  8. I hope that we can get some support for this on here. I had the idea to reach out to the HBCU community after seeing a lot of screaming trumpets and similar raw talent on HBCU YouTube videos. To me, this could be a win-win-win situation. 1. Drum corps is getting more and more expensive and therefore less diverse. This (as well as other scholarship fund opportunities on the link) helps combat this. 2. There are many talented musicians at these schools that I would like to encourage to audition for the Bluecoats by partially offs
  9. Bluecoats have all caption heads and all designers returning for 2015.
  10. Exactly!!! Nothing wrong with judges calling it as they see it. They aren't machines.