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  1. Demand.. Look at how much they are doing and the body triad under their tosses and the demand and exposure in the performer. Boston should be rewarded. Their book is amazing and the emotional contribution is high.. All performers out there tonight are wonderful.
  2. Marcus Ridge, New Berlin, Wisconsin... Good luck to all!
  3. BAC, your performance intensity and talent just made my mom cry.. What a show! That guard is absolutely show stopping!
  4. IMO, I thought Boston did a wonderful job and sounded great. The crowd was entertained, they received a lovely response from this Wisconsin crowd and that guard is doing an awesome job with great difficulty this stage of the game.
  5. Congrats to all tonight..BAC guard your choreography and performance abilities are incredible... Keep pushing, your alumni, parents and fans are so proud. What a year BAC, can't wait to see more!