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    Phantom Regiment, Star of Indiana, Guardsmen, Troopers
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    Cadets, 1984 - Phantom Regiment, 1989 (both for the shows and memories related to the shows)
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  1. From the Flo website: Thursday, August 11 - Prelims This year, for the first time ever, you can watch ALL performances on Thursday in the 2022 DCI World Championship prelims on FloMarching, Performances start at 10:17 AM ET and will end around 11:30 PM ET. Friday, August 12 - Semis Performances start at 1 PM ET and will end around 11 PM ET. Saturday, August 13 - Finals Performances start at 5:30 PM ET and will end around 11:30 PM ET.
  2. 1) I just met a girl named Maria Somewhere in Atlanta. 2) Goin' Home to a classically bluesy Largo in Kansas City
  3. 1. Bluecoats 2. Phantom Regiment 3. Blue Devils 4. Troopers 5. SCV
  4. With all the white on the field this summer, the Troopers provide a refreshing "dark" contrast.
  5. In lieu of "always (or born) ready" I look forward to hearing "Cavaliers DMs is your corps ready?" Audience Member, "They were ready an hour ago!"
  6. Hoping any first timers in the audience are sitting with a drum corps vet. "Usually horn lines aren't out numbered by bass drums. Oh, and usually "marching bands" er, well, they "march."
  7. A screenshot from the online store. Typo or prophecy? #summeroff
  8. The true ninnyhammer yells it following a lengthy delay featuring staff fractically troubleshooting malfunctioning electronic equipment.
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