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  1. A screenshot from the online store. Typo or prophecy? #summeroff
  2. The true ninnyhammer yells it following a lengthy delay featuring staff fractically troubleshooting malfunctioning electronic equipment.
  3. They sure put the "off" in offense tonight.
  4. Not at all bored with Avant Garde shows. To be fair, I only have faint memories of the 198(?) show that coincidentally featured Eleanor Rigby.
  5. Regardless of the question(s) asked or who asks them, my opinion remains unchanged: live, sideline interviews add no value to the show.
  6. According to the numbers you posted, Bluecoats appear to refute your hypothesis.
  7. A favorite comment overheard at finals: "If this is the wrong side of the tracks, I'm glad I'm not on the right side."
  8. 12 corps sharing the field at the end of the evening with every member satisfied that they gave their best performance of the summer.
  9. Yep. Not 100% sure how it came off. It almost looked like her foot was stepped on, shoe came off, she stumbled and another horn player tripped over her. At first I thought she had injured her ankle, but she quickly recovered and finished the show. The shoe was eventually purposely kicked by a member, but it didn't quite make it off the field.
  10. If this was your intention, why not open the thread with these points and your POV?
  11. But please don't go full Kevin Durant and rupture an Achilles tendon.
  12. Not sure why, but the first thing that came to mind when I considered the thread title was the 1987 Sky Ryders - West Side Story.
  13. Wait. What have we been conversing about pre-post show in this thread?