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  1. The1982 DCM Championship "tiebreaker" runoff between Phantom and Madison in 1982. (And, as a lifelong Hoosier, watching Star of Indiana take the field and perform competitively for the first time in Normal, Illinois - June of 1985).
  2. That statement alone should disqualify him from ever being allowed to be in a position of responsibility for any youth organization.
  3. mrk

    Your 2018 Top 6

    1. Bluecoats 2. Santa Clara Vanguard 3. Cadets 5. Troopers 5. Pacific Crest 6. Cavaliers
  4. mrk

    Genesis 2018

    Genesis fielded a World Class show and successfully completed a World Class tour. Granted a number of World Class corps placed higher, but so what? If a drum corps can afford to safely commit to a full tour and provide an educational experience for its members, I'm for more World Class corps, not fewer. A summer of drum corps is about way more than the last score./placement in August. Do your best and.... Que Sera, Sera.
  5. Timeshare opportunity! Offseason resort - one room remaining on the second floor. (will repair damaged door) Child's transportation device included. contact Oregon Crusaders for availability.
  6. Congrats SCV! posted from the DrumScorps app
  7. THEN WHY IS IT SO #### COLD?!?!?!? :O To keep the sights and sounds fresh. posted from the DrumScorps app
  8. Even more than the actual pictures, I appreciate your unselfish dedication to sharing your experience with the extended community and gift for multitasking!
  9. Imagining the Cavaliers' tarps on the field right now. Ultimate slip n' slide!
  10. Tonight's audio is sponsored by Meghan Trainor. Because it's "All About That Bass" - no treble.
  11. Beginning to think the reason there are no pillows on the beds is because they are instead being used to muffle the sound from the field mics.
  12. Hoping Madison's show pulls the same crowd reaction as the warm-up...
  13. Don't know that BD is capable of not producing a good show. Amazingly consistent, top-shelf staff and member talent have guaranteed good shows. What makes a great BD show? The same thing as all great shows. When (in the eye of the beholder) the staff and members create an experience that keeps you positively engaged from beginning to end - and beyond. BD has the resources and know-how to potentially create great shows every year. Depending on the expectations and preferences of the beholder they always/never do, regardless of placement.
  14. mrk

    NightBEAT - July 29, 2018

    Recorded pop music for the encore? Someone place a T between the W and F on the 50 yard line please.