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  1. Reunited and it feels so good! The interwebs is magical I tell ya! Thanks folks.
  2. A gentleman on my row left some merchandise he purchased when he hurried out after Finals night. As soon as we realized we tried to run after him and locate him, to no avail. I would love to be able to find the owner. I already contacted the corps who the items were purchased from and am awaiting a response, but this young man seemed as though he was definitely in the know on drum corps stuff so I thought he might come here too. So if you left something behind please contact me and tell me the items you purchased, from which corps and your seat location to verify it's yours. I know I would be so disappointed if this happened to me since we all know souvie's are NOT cheap!
  3. Is that possible? I am asking seriously. I really am not for lip syncing but if, as people have complained, the mic issues have happened many times, then is that something the corps should be thinking about for Indy?
  4. HOLY MOLY camera dudes! You missed my favorite part of Academy's show! Why on earth would you focus on the drumline during the pit feature?
  5. Was Academy's front ensemble feature visible on fan network? I was in love! Of course I am a pit mom so I am biased. I am in heaven this year.
  6. Did anybody see Dan Potter do his little drum major dance? CUTE!
  7. Goody gravy the feed sure went to pot quick.
  8. OH NOES. Couldn't hear the singer on the feed. She looked like she was killing it too!
  9. HOLY COW, BONES! Loving this drill! excellent job!
  10. pretty dark subject matter, but that's not too far off of BK. Another show that will have to grow on me. Some really great moments though.