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  1. 2nd Highest. They placed 10th at San Antonio in 2007.
  2. Anybody have a picture of the field for BD. Im curious about this tarp
  3. Yea, this is Carolina GOLD, not Carolina Crown.
  4. Anybody take a look at their staff this year? Their design team alone is already killer. Crown's main designer and their music arranger, and one of the Blue Devils drill writers. That alone is a great start. They have a great visual staff coming in, brass staff is almost identical to previous years so the technique should be the same. Most of the perc staff is coming back, which means Ike is returning for his 3rd year, should be AWESOME! And the new guard staff looks very promising. I really hope they can bounce back from this previous season, the main excuse for the scores last year was the design, looks like the problem should be solved now. How do you guys think they will do in 2014?
  5. Carolina Crown's 2013 show announcement!http://www.carolinac...2013-production
  6. 1. Carolina Crown 2. The Cadets 3. Blue Devils 4. Phantom Regiment 5. Santa Clara Vanguard 6. Madison Scouts 7. Bluecoats 8. The Cavaliers 9. Boston Crusaders 10. Spirit of Atlanta 11. The Academy 12. Crossmen
  7. Academy made a full announcement today.
  8. So, I love video games and think it would be awesome if there was going to be a DCI/Marching Band one. Is it possible?