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  1. All the corps (save a few, who didn't want to break rank, which I have zero problem with), clapping for Academy when their score and placement was announced. I think a few, such as BD, subsequently clapped for every corps thereafter when their scores were announced too.
  2. One key take away is that their visual score for them into finals. I'm not sure it was the best "designed" show, but it is a tribute to the hard work and dedication of the members that got them to the spot they had; they truly earned it.
  3. Amazing show tonight. Seen it a ton and that was the peak of the peak; everyone in the BD org should be very proud! I too can't wait to see what 2017 production they come up with. One thing's for sure, it will again be more creativity than I can imagine.
  4. I just hope George is a little more talkative with Tony tonight
  5. Unbelievable night. Seriously, where do these design writers and talented kids come from? Every year is more impressive than the last, how is that possible. Looking forward to tomorrow night already. Truth be told, I don't think Bloo have it on BD, Crown, or Cadets, but, it's good for a change I suppose?
  6. Any update on the corps? Hope they're feeling better! Honestly one of my favorite shows of the year; can't wait to see them tonight.
  7. I agree with you; the whole thing is really unregulated and as a result, it seems it's getting a bit out of hand. Now, soloists are mic'd, drums are mic'd (at certain points, such as in BC this year), and it almost seems that one section is being turned up to overcompensate for another year over year. The result, in my opinion, is a less "genuine", more muddled, effect that detracts from the overall show and enables the utilization of synthetic sounds to make certain things sound better, and with higher quality, than they truly are (wonder if this at all impacts judging and/or props up some scores that otherwise wouldn't be? No way to know of course, just a thought). As a fan, if you're anywhere close to the front at these shows now, it's pretty seriously loud. Now, we all like loud drum corps, but there's honestly zero need, in my opinion, for a backfield soloist to sound like he's in the seat next to me, bell facing my head. It can't be good for your ears and definitely not good for the kids. My suggestion? Just tone it down a bit. Electronics have added a lot to DCI, but I'm concerned were on the verge of getting carried away. I also believe that all vocals and sounds should be required to be played live, since this is a judged musical show based on talent and execution, but that's for another tread. :-)
  8. They absolutely do. The talent of these top corps, regardless of show, is staggering; how Crown and Cadets (among many others) get a horn line that balanced and control is beyond me. This almost re-enforces what we're saying, actually, "You have so much talent banging down your door, use it!!" Thanks for the welcome!! I agree with your friend 100%, and to his (and your) point, the judges do get it right. Are Cadets better than Boston this year? Of course, no contest. Are Boston pushing their own boundries more than Cadets? In my opinion, yes. Difference is, as you noted, Boston has no other choice! - Good point.
  9. Hey Everyone, Long time reader, first time poster! I’ve been around Drum Corps all my life, but recently, I’ve found myself wondering about the creativity of certain corps; frequently from those of a typically “higher” ranking. I’m curious to see what you all think about my take: This year, for example, SCV is playing Scheherazade, realistically, it’s almost the exact same performance as 2004 (which was one of the greatest shows in history, IMO…BUT, it’s already been done). Meanwhile, the Cadets are playing Application Spring in a “Story of America” fashion; both of which we’ve heard umpteen times before. These are the top corps of the activity. They have the most money, WANT the most money, and employ full time staffs comprised of the top talent in DCI. Forgive my bluntness, but this is the best you can come up with? Meanwhile, corps with much stricter operations (Pacific Crest, Spartans and Academy, for example), are putting brand new shows on the field filled with never-done, challenging, program – pushing themselves, and in the process, risking easy and safe points as a result. Is this what we want out of the activity? We all know the trickle-down effect of higher-placing corps, and for this reason, shouldn’t those more creative and challenging shows be rewarded in some fashion? Otherwise, it’s DCI just a competition of “who can play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star the cleanest” – Ok, that’s to the extreme, but you catch my drift. What do you folks think? Do you find yourself feeling more supportive of shows like Bluecoats, Boston and Oregon Crusaders (if only for their complexity and “making something out of nothing” aspects), or are you still enthralled, even when there’s a remake?