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  1. Misunderstood Mike on my part. She was getting slammed and usually having an actual conversation rather than texting or posting works better. I learned a lot and was just trying to convey
  2. With upmost respect, unless I am reading this wrong, All is said was I had a conversation with someone that was getting slammed here. As a member here I had a conversation with said individual poster and was trying to let members here know she was not what most thought she was,
  3. It was a real nice conversation. Honest and open. I grilled her and every answer was open and honest, That goes a looooooooooooooong way with me
  4. You missed the point. She said she had a conversation with him, which in the way she described s not something made up.
  5. She is passionate and it was a great conversation.
  6. I just had an hour conversation with Lancer79 on the phone. Unless I was completely bullshi''ed, Which in my job I can tell in a second. I assure you she is not GH. She is passionate in her belief and honest with what she has stated in her conversations with GH. I would ask that people do not get nasty with her. She has a right to say what she feels.
  7. sent. leave a message and I will get back to you
  8. OK I will bite. Lancer79 PM coming with my phone number, Call if you want, I will lay off or.............
  9. Of all people, yes GH was vocal on social media to a fault, maybe he confided with his daughter, definetly not his ex wife, but why you?
  10. I could not agree with you more Terri.
  11. I do not know you Terri, just from what you post, which if I may say are always , from what I can tell from the heart. You have stated you went thru a similar situation, for that I am sorry you had to. That said, as I have said in a previous post, do not mess with women or children. Exhibit A is classic narcissist behavior. I honestly hope the allegations are not true. I really do. Again innocent until proven guilty. But, and I will say, Lancer 79, if you are not GH, you are actually doing more harm than good defending.
  12. Did you actually say empathy?.......................................................................................................................................................... ok Lancer79.........................honest question. In the few months you spent with (I will no longer call him Mr. Hopkins) GH, how did he enlighten you with his hardships, everyone against him, etc
  13. That was my point earlier. You said it more eloquent
  14. If, and a BIG if, alumni found these women, and said, hey accuse him of sexual misconduct (I wont use the other r word yet), have your name publically exposed, relive alleged experience, testify under OATH, just to get him out of there. Any sane person would be appalled at the thought.
  15. Ok, a few things from my perspective: 1) I am totally with not guilty until proven in the court of law. 2) This entire "found God", ......................... I will leave it at that. 3) But when many women share the same story, intricate same details.. usually , unless some million n a world chance they colluded, is unheard of. 4) Apparently, the timing of said Lancer 79 and facebook, and whatever that other medium is, is calculated. And trust me, if it is him, he is going against legal advice. But narcissistic attitude tend to follow people. 5) Someone mentioned, that maybe his legal team bailed. Probably . When you are under investigation, going to court on very serious charges, you stay quiet.Even if you are not guilty. If you do not think prosecutors are watching every move, e mail, text, fake accounts, etc. Watching here. They can get a warrant for his computer, phone etc in a sec. I find it sad to be honest, as my screen name says, I marched under him. There are 2 things you don't f with....... women and children.