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  1. I know my daughter will kill me for this because Cold Play has been banned from our home(she is on the horn line), but I love the opening to SCVC Heroes and Legends.
  2. My favorite was Vanguard Cadets Heros and Legends. It was a great homage to SCV traditions and well know and loved shows in the past. Besides my daughter marches on the horn line!
  3. Way to go Open Class! Spartans, SCVC, BDB, and OC all in Semifinals! Open Class is awesome.
  4. Way to go open class! Oregon, BDB, SCVC and Spartans all made it! Open class rocks!
  5. Good luck to everyone and let the performance do the talking. I love um all (but SCVC just a little more). Wish I could be there to see it. I would be a marathon spectator. I think they should make that a tee shirt. I went to DCI semi finals and survived the watching all the corps marathon. All in jest. I do wish I could be there to see each and everyone of them perform. Maybe next year.
  6. I loved the shows I got to see her in Cali and imagine how fantastic they are now. Gotta give a whole lotta love to my home corps the SCVC, but props to all on another awesome year of Open Class. More folks are gonna wanna come and see you, I bet!
  7. Love you Open Class! What a fantastic bunch of corps! I wish I could be there to watch all of you. Must give a special shout out to my daughter's corps, GO SANTA CLARA VANGUARD CADETS!
  8. Thanks so much for posting! Nice to see Open Class on here. I have to say what a great year for us with so many fantastic shows. I do have to cheer for SCVC because I have a daughter in that corps. Gooo Vanguard!
  9. I was looking forward to those shows almost as much as the corps were to performing them. So sorry the age outs didn't get to go out and march. One less chance to let the world see how great their talent is. Good luck in finals everyone.
  10. Open Class sees more promotion and people pack the stands to watch them. Phantom kills someone during a show. There must be one feel good corps out there per season. I want Brandt Crocker to announce my life for one day.
  11. Enthused. Wanted to go to finals but just couldn't swing it. We are in Cali and it is a long way for us to go. I will go with the corps on food crew next year! Till then I hang out and get texts from my daughter and do what I can to let people know how fantastic open class is. Don't miss the competition this year because it is going to be fierce.
  12. OMG you like more than one corps. How can this be? I myself liked everyone I saw in California. I loved SCVC (esp cause that is the corps my daughter is in), I loved BDC (because not loving them is like kicking a puppy), I loved Phantom (because I always love Phantom. Phantom is like that guy on the front of a romance novel. I also love that they kill people.) Boston was fantastic (gaurd rifle toss of doom), Blue Devils (Just fun, everybody now.....), SCV (percussion gods), and so much more. I have fun and enjoy all the corps. It's true I admit it. I am now looking for a 12 step program.