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  1. Does anyone know of any recordings of the U.S. Open, Key to the Sea, Bluegrass Nationals, American Legion Nationals, and World Open in the years of 1974 through 1978, especially for Black Watch Highlanders of Auburn, WA? I thought that I saw microphones on the side of the fields when we performed, and I'd love to be able to hear what we sounded like at those shows. I know they aren't listed on the Drum Corps World list of Historical Recordings, so I'm hoping there was either a professional recording being done, or that someone happened to be recording those shows, and know that they have the B
  2. There was indeed a focus on execution, because it counted for so much. I, for one, appreciate the focus on execution. Do I think we need to go back to the Tick system? Not really, but we need to take a better look at excellence, because we have moved away from that, and as "professional" looking groups, it's our duty to perform at the highest level of attainment. That means you don't perform a show that is above your ability to do so. You have a show that is perfectible by your students. That's what we've gone away from. And it shows. There were mistakes done by groups like the Blue Devils (d
  3. I was a member of one of the all time great little corps, the Black Watch from Auburn, WA. We had a great little show that was performed by a small group of kids. We had a large, Top 12 capable corps in 1976, then had a great exodus that fall. In 1977, we blended in the feeder corps, and had a still small group which we took to Denver, and competed in DCI Class A. We took 7th that year, with a pretty good show. The next year, 1978 we gained a few members, but were still pretty small. We played a pretty hard book, and took 1st in Class A. I attach the sound file here, for others to enjoy, and
  4. What is DCI trying to do, dump their history? I just went to see if the Historical CD collection was still available. It isn't. Is DCI trying to say that Drum Corps didn't exist before 1999? You can't find musical CD's from them before that time. You can get DVD's, What's up with that?
  5. How about the 1978 Black Watch Hornline? It was only 35 members, won Class A Championships, and played Echano, Four of the Eight up into double A's, by the Illegal Eight, the Lead Soprano line, so named by Wayne Downey, who was judging GE Brass, for the way they played Echano, 'They played that So Loud, So High, So Long, They should be Illegal!' Totally Illegal!
  6. People, a few years ago, the Ontario Drum Corps Association used to sell a little booklet that told you the things you needed to do to start a Drum Corps. I know it's probably a bit out of date, but there was a lot of good thought that went into it. What I'm hoping is that someone still has one of those, or could get me in touch with the people who did it, and I could get some copy of that information. I'm involved with a new organization, Drum Corps North America, where I'm the Northwest Regional Coordinator. We're starting a new organization for the Community Corps of the world. We even h
  7. Well, kids, there's another new corps way up here in the Northwest. The great organization, The Seattle Cascades, and their Parent Organization have announced the formation of a new corps in the Vancouver, WA area. Yes, that's the area of the old Vancouver Spartans! With a rich history of Drum Corps ahead of it, the NYMA is helping bring drum corps back. Following is from their webpage: Please wish them good luck! We need all of the new Drum Corps we can, especially here in the Northwest!! *** New Drum Corps in Vancouver, WA! *** We are starting a new Drum Corp
  8. Jeff, that bit, and some of the BD charts from the mid 70's just make chills go down my back! Especially hearing Bonnie blast out those solos! She was my hero back then, and still is! Is she still playing at all? It would be great to get her to chime in on her bro's work! Just like old times. Jeff, that's one time I really envy you! Playing Jim's music, in a line with Bonnie, her doing solos. Cool!
  9. Well, I'd agree that they had innovations. Now, if you call them good, that's where I'm going to diverge from you. This whole idea of one person being a star, well, and the whole thing wi the keyboard, Geez! Talk about making things so young groups can't have a chance to compete, unless they have LOTS of money. That's what was =not= supposed to happen. The whole keyboard/electronics thing, we were told, was supposed to bring about more parity. Didn't happen. Wouldn't happen. Not gonna do it! Wouldn't be prudent! Real Drum Corps Doesn't Need Batteries!