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  1. Tim78


    Yes, DCI is making Pioneer and Cadets the examples of a newer, more rigorous standards to be held to. Other corps should take notice in case they have things they are trying to hide too.
  2. Tim78


    I don't know who MagnoliaFan25 is, nor do I really care, but it looks like they sensationalized the Alumni meeting by claiming that "Roman has absolutely no intention of releasing his stranglehold over Pioneer". From what I read in the meeting notes they posted: #1 – EXPANDED BOARD OF DIRECTORS Pioneer must maintain a Board of Directors that includes a minimum of five people that have not served in that position before. In response to this requirement, the Board of Directors will be expanded to nine members. The exact governance structure, bylaws and appointment process is currently being developed by an independent nonprofit attorney and governance committee. It was also clarified that the Interim Board of Directors does not have the legal authority to remove current Board members, or make legal decisions on behalf of the corps without permission of the existing Board of Directors. How exactly can anyone draw the conclusion that Roman will not let go of the corps? From reading this, it sounds like the Interim CEO and IBOD are working with the current board to change the structure, probably to dilute Roman's power so he is NOT controlling the corps anymore. This board structure appears to not be in place yet, as it has to be legally restructured. And does no one else not recognize the board structure that has yet to be put in place? This is literally the structure of every other drum corps board out there, so I am sure this plan is what DCI will sign off on and has recommended to Pioneer. I would rather see the drum corps community focus on the future survival of this group. There is an underserved youth music community in SE Wisconsin that could benefit from a Pioneer corps that is run with the proper oversight. Stop focusing on past mistakes. DCI will not sign off them coming back if there aren't proper mechanisms in place to ensure member safety. So instead of spreading gossip and misinformation, I dare anyone here to come up with viable suggestions for the good of the alumni of Pioneer who are fighting valiantly to save it.
  3. I agree, optics on this are bad right away, which is why the Interim Board of Directors removed him within 48 hours of the information being presented to them. I would call that being transparent and sending a message that they are operating in the best manner possible. Now I want to know who at SCV should be investigated, as rmurrey74 said is still there.
  4. I think Pioneer is learning the value of transparency. Once it was pointed out that Scott Stewart enabled a sex offender in his organization, Pioneer removed him from the interim board, which is why he is no longer listed on the corps' website. There is much that the corps has to learn, but it's happening now. It will take awhile, but I believe the new board and CEO are making the correct moves and actions.
  5. Wrong Case family. The drum major from 1996 was from Brown Deer, WI. Larry Case is from the Chicago area.
  6. My post from the other thread: Bill was corps director when Pioneer finished in 17th, 16th, and 18th place (1999-2001)
  7. Bill was corps director when Pioneer finished in 17th, 16th, and 18th place (1999-2001)
  8. So you've watched all 50+ years of Pioneer shows to make that determination? You must be exhausted.
  9. Tim78

    BD 2000

    I'm no percussionist..but I think that was the first year they played on Dynasty Drums (?) and perhaps that had something to do with it. What I do remember from 2000 was that Blue Knights were 3rd in perc at Finals.
  10. I would agree with Scout's Empire State of Mind...loved it.
  11. Tim78

    How did you discover DCI?

    My brother marched in the Quad Cities Knights in 1993, then I attended my first drum corps show in 1994. But seeing and hearing the Madison Scouts live in 1995 (and ripping my face off with their hornline) at the Rockford Show of Shows had me hooked.
  12. Tim78


    This is my first time since late 2000 on a drum corps forum...it's been a while... I marched in Pioneer for much of the mid to late 90s, aging out in 2000. I can echo the sentiment of others saying that the corps proved to be very formative in the life lessons it taught me. For that, Roman is second to none. He does care about the kids and making sure they have a great touring experience. The fact that Pioneer gives many who would not otherwise be able to march corps a place to perform is a very worthy goal. I marched with some of the most competetive Pioneer units, placement-wise. We believed we were as good, if not better than other DIv 1 (WC) corps and that came through in every performance. I really do think it is time for the corps to get outside of its' comfort zone. Re-examine every part, assess what does work (which there are many things done well) and address the weaknesses once and for all (recruiting and retaining membership). Attracting a dynamic staff that will push students hard and keep them excited and believing as well is key. Just my two cents. Tim