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  1. I DARE you to make a positive comment. Try it.. you might even smile :)
  2. My guess would be Cabs or MBI... seeing as MBI is on next and probably at the gate, I'm leaning more towards Cabs warming up...?
  3. I may be the only one on this thought, but I think it would be a fun experiment to have DCI have a set list of show themes for corps to pick from, and let the corps design teams go to town on it and see how BD will take it a different direction than Phantom would, etc.
  4. Looks like their hornline, surprisingly (top three hornline since at least 2010), is the weak link this year (currently placed 5th!!) .... Hopefully they can clean up a bit! Go for that .25!
  5. There will be less than a 2 point spread between 1st and 5th with each corps holding the top spot at least once throughout the season. There'll be a tie for the gold
  6. Not at all. Last year when Crown won, BD didn't wine about it, they were over with Crown celebrating with them and congratulating them, even if most of the cheering was geared towards Crown. If any group is a class act, I have to say it is BD. They are out there applauding their peers, not storming out as soon as they can.
  7. Any DCA corps that performs and is judged at a DCI show is judged on DCA Sheets
  8. Now only if they can pull a 1989 and make them all disappear... hmmmm
  9. According to Hopkins' facebook page, BIG changes were supposed to be put in earlier this week, but were postponed because of vehicle issues and time being cut short.
  10. It'd be a perfect show to follow the DCI-Minnesota show when its back next year. Short distance for the corps and fans to travel. Win-Win :)
  11. You mean the pit doesn't actually rehearse during the day?!? Never!
  12. "On the field, with half the stuff from your local flea market.. Carolina Crown"