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  1. Agreed. What I don't understand is since PR has the money to fund what is needed, why aren't they hiring top notch staff for all captions?
  2. True, but they have always been respected as a beautiful, elegant, powerful and excellent guard. This year, not so much.
  3. Regiment needs a new design team, brass writer and guard person! Regiment's guard used to be the gold standard.
  4. Hopefully you are right in that they are talking about new visual/guard for next year. The guard performance is not up to par this year at all.
  5. Agreed. That arrangement just doesn't do it justice. It's a gorgeous piece that PR can play well when given the chance.
  6. But isn't it Rick's job to hire and fire staff to keep things competitive?
  7. I totally agree. The theme just isn't played out throughout the show at all....or at least to us common folk in the stands.
  8. How is that done? There are a few on the BOD that have been there for years!
  9. Of course not. I am connected. I am just comparing to corps that are successful for decades. SCV and BD have great alumni programs. That generates dollars, which buys the top designers and staff, which helps produce top notch programs year after year.
  10. Up until the past few years, there have been very few opportunities to get involved unless you live locally. We have never seen a registry of alums in which we could connect with in each state to form something from afar.