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  1. Good day folks been a while just checking in to say Good day eh. Getting caught up on the gossip Grenadiers did a few parades this summer so far and are sending a percussion ensemble to I&E on Labour Day. I am looking forward to having a pop with some of my wingers. Good luck to all the competitive corps from K-Town Cheers Don
  2. Kanstul and Dynasty G Bugles 3 Valve Available We have the following instruments for sale 9 Dynasty Baritones 2 Kanstul Baritones 2 Dynasty Mellophone 1 Dynasty SOP These brass have not been played in the last two year. For prices please email dougsmith2@cogeco.ca
  3. After converting to Bflat Grennies are holding a brass rehearsal Sunday May 27th at Holy Cross Catholic High School. The rehearsal begins at 1pm and in the meantime the battery folks are attending the Ontario Drumline Championship on the Sat. the 26th. We have a plan and a vision that will strive towards sustainable development. In the meantime it feels good to be moving forward once more. Cheers Don
  4. It is with much regret to announce the Grenadiers will be not taking the field of competition for the upcoming 2011 season.There are many contributing factors many of which have been discussed at length and not unfamiliar to our brothers and sisters in our beloved activity. There is however a strong nucleus of members willing to press forward and keep the corps actively involved on a number of fronts. A bright determined group to say the least. Thanks to DCA for the venue to participate and hopefully the Yellow Red and Black will be back on the field in the near future. Sincerely Don
  5. Lansing has been a great addition to the brass staff and we are happy he has taken on the Majors position. The show is agressive and exciting with the brass numbers averaging better than they have for years. Still looking for a few players for the battery which is rare. We could use another snare and 2 tenors, bass is full. Anyone who knows our percussion section over the years it always has had a consistent track record of excellence. All due to Scott Atkins and his dedicated support staff. Cheers DLD
  6. Grenadiers are excited to have a change of venue and to see some old and make some new friends as well. Many thanks to Phil and Mike Parent for their hard work in setting things up in St. Eustache. Hopefully we can add something to an already strong grass roots movement in Quebec. Cheers Don
  7. Hey Tom really on edge with the whole Box 5 experience. Numerous phone calls and follow up and still no DVD's from an event that happened 6 months ago? Great Quality....customer service? Don
  8. All I want for Christmas is my DVD's my DVD's lalala Mounties must be holding them or they fell off the sled. DLD
  9. Grenadier camp this weekend and I am hoping Santa drops the vids in my mailbox tomorrow so I can show the troops.
  10. So close and just like the membership waiting for the annoucement. I know the concept has me all pumped up! I noticed several flasks were available for medicinal purposes only to ward off the evil parade frostbite.
  11. The cookies and chicken wraps were great and so was the corps. I was really pleased with turnout and the parade in Kingston Saturday night. Good camp and room to grow so if you are interested in playing for a great corps even though I am biased come on up. Sounds like the "Price is Right". We would also like to extend a big welcome to Lansing Dimon who is part of this years brass staff. Stay tuned for release of this years production due shortly on a computer near you.
  12. I think Passion,Resourceful,Perseverance and to Quote Mr."B". What is best for the Drum Corps.
  13. Very close, as years in the past there is a lot of thought going into it. We have a strong design team so no worries here. DLD
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