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  1. I concur with this statement....Michael has a lot of pull as far as staff changes at Crown. I'm sure that Thom was handpicked by Klesch and that they will be excellent together. Their writing compliments each other so well, case and point UMASS.
  2. They are all demand...but I'm just saying that there was less demand in that show than previous. They ran, BD always runs and so does Garfield. Crown does an excellent job of long winded songs as well as carefully constructed blends. Also, the new ending to Crown's show in 2011 had some very constricted space. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that "demand" doesn't get enough credit. That could be attributed to the judging system but then again that's why we are revamping it.
  3. and that's to say the BD was??? The lack of virutosity and demand in that show was appalling. I expected more from the Blue Devils. A 1/4 of the show members were moving the mirrors. Sure, the mirrors were a great effect but I thought the activity was about virtuosity and excellence within demand. Take Crown for instance...the environmental demands of that show were outrageous and most of their show was very well put together. IMO a little too cerebral but still they had a great hornline and guard and performed remarkably well in the music ensemble category given the circumstances. (-Danzon No
  4. With the exception of Schlicher I'm sure. This is a great pickup for the Scouts, not to say that Thom Hannum isn't one of the best in the business. Lee builds lines...it's what he does and he will be excellent at Madison just as he was prior.
  5. With Lee gone who are the big names to come in and write the book for Crown? With Rennick at SCV, Mac at Cavies, and ScoJo at BD who are the big names left to come and take over the program?
  6. No sir they don't....I was a DM and I know how to clock a tempo...
  7. The problem this year was not with the music or drill. IMO both sections pushed the envelope as far as difficulty, I mean their battery was laying down some sick beats and the brass book was very difficult especially from a musicality standpoint i.e. the ballad. Visually it seemed like they never stopped moving, but the judges obviously don't care about that otherwise Crown would have been given more credit visually. The show to me just didn't evolve through the season. I think that's what caused their problems.
  8. for a couple measures....Jazz running at 240 is not the same as actually marching at 240...let me know when they do that