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  1. Does anyone know when the vote is or when we will know any updates?
  2. While maybe not focusing on “him” or “them” the conversation definitely needs to continue. The conversation should never stop and it should be at the forefront of everything we do. Remember...last season was a celebration of progress and a new era of safety in the activity until the Pioneer fiasco was unearthed afterward. Always be skeptical and always demand that pressure be put on those responsible for making decisions and being held accountable. For instance, let’s not forget that Fred Morrison still serves at Executive Director of Crossmen to this day.
  3. Glad to see that none of this came to fruition
  4. Does anyone know if he was cut off and disqualified or if he was disqualified after the fact?
  5. Phantom could pull off dreams and nighthawks.
  6. personally I can't stop watching their show on YouTube so maybe that is part of it?
  7. Have him rip him to shreds on the podium on finals night and declare his victory.
  8. Lol! It's actually really funny that I just saw this now after watching the regional last night. I'm actually a fan of this years show. They address all my usual criticism and it's just a really fun show. Reminds me a lot of 2011.
  9. In need of 3 tickets for DCI finals preferably mid to lower half of the bowl. Will act quickly! Thank you! Chris
  10. From Cleveland. When the Browns were gone is when I remember actively starting to notice the NFL (I was born in '92). I latched on to Green Bay but the Browns are still home to me (even if the team is a joke.) Anyway, can confirm I hate Baltimore and anything even slightly attached to the Ravens. Don't test it in Cleveland. It won't end well.
  11. What do you people know?!?!? Please inform us!!!