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  1. Hey guys. Check out the updated list. some parts are done!!
  2. Anyone have some pictures of marching octobans, or marching crotales?
  3. I found bits and pieces of Ludwig, and Slingerland catalog on the "DCI Snare" Facebook page. https://www.facebook...ookmark_t=group I think you have to have a Facebook to see. My favorite pictures are of the marching tympani and mallets.
  4. Also notice the bass drum "tote." McCormick Enterprises still sells those.
  5. The catalog that picture is from has some other cool stuff.
  6. The 2 page photo of SCV's drumline. Found it on DCI Snare's facebook page. It was in 2 seperate photos when I found it.
  7. If you listen to the piano at the beginning, you can hear the tympani part. I think the tambourine part is similar to the pattern they played on ride cymbals for a section. 1978 Phantom Regiment solo had some brass in it.
  8. Thanks for the help. You're right about 1974 Tubular Bells. Pretty awesome tympani part.
  9. Afro Blue? I knew the tune sounded familiar. The brass parts to Stone Ground Seven were pretty cool. But I felt like that they kinda distracted from the drum feature-ness of it.
  10. Sorry, I couldn't find the 1969 BSGK solo. :sad:/> And I think the 1979 or 1980 solo was called Cookout. Maybe they used the solo 2 years in a row. Not sure.
  11. Thanks. I'm watching a 1978 SCV Drumline Footage on Youtube. It looks like the bottom 2 are both 29s.
  12. I'm currently trying to transcribe these drum solos from the 70's. If anyone wants to help, or has an useful info about them, it'd be appreciated. /> If anyone wants a copy of a solo once I'm done, eventually, just send me a PM or just reply here. I'm transcribing Snare, Toms, and Bass, and Cymbals for sure. I'm only transcribing Timpani for a few, and Mallets for even fewer. Anaheim Kingsmen: 1971 Yellow Submarine snare and tymp done 1972 George of the Jungle all (snare, trio, tymp, cymbal) but bass done 1974 Exorcist / Tubular Bells xylophone, bells, and tymp done Bayonne Bridgemen 1983 Black Market Juggler - arranged by Dennis DeLucia Bluecoats 1987 Autumn Leaves (instructor?) Blue Devils 1975 Billy the Kid - arranged by Rick O'Dello 1982 Paradox - arranged by Tom Float 1987 Echidna's Arf (of you) - arranged by Tom Float Freelancers 1976 ELP's Tocatta - arranged by Don Silva Garfield Cadets 1975 Afro Blue - arranged by Billy Gaeckle. bells done North Star 1978 Approaching Storm - arranged by Dave Vose snare and cymbal done 1980 COOKOUT - written by Dave Vose Oakland Crusaders 1976 Joropo Piropo - arranged by Terry Kirkpatrick / Tom Float Phantom Regiment 1978 Flight of the Bumblebee - arranged by Marty Hurley? Santa Clara Vanguard - Fred Sanford, Ralph Hardimon 1972 Tic-Toc / The Clock tymp, snare, and cymbal are done. 1974 Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra 1978 / 1979 Lezghinka all parts (snare, bass, cym, mallets, tymp) but tenors are done. 1980 Stone Ground Seven - all parts (snare, bass, cym, mallets, tymp) but tenors are done. Obviously, I'm a Fred Sanford fan. And luckily, I think there's more of his 70s solos than other writers.