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  1. The Arsenal BoD posted a response on the corps' Facebook page. It reads as sort of an apology to DCI and they attempt to distance themselves form the former Arsenal Director's statements.
  2. I took it as more of a statement than an implication. I also think Roman still feels this would have all gone away if it weren't for that pesky "social media." Pioneer is done.
  3. There would be consequences for an employee who makes disparaging remarks on social media, sure. However, I feel this is more akin to me bashing my competitors, and then all the competitors circle up and somehow are able to demand that my company be liquidated. Both instances seem extreme given the transgression.
  4. This point should be moot, right? I thought DCI can't enforce a corps' own policy? That would be up to the individual corps. I'm not seeing why this was relevant for Mr. Acheson to point out.
  5. I'm in the same boat you are at the moment. Let me know how the cancelling of tickets goes. I'm so very glad my children are not marching again this summer -- it really saddens me to type that.
  6. DCI issued a statement here:
  7. I must say, Vanguard Cadets not touring outside of California is shocking. I always thought the Vanguard organization had one of the better revenue streams of any DCI corps.
  8. Who will be heading this up, exactly? The Board and the Director are one in the same. They are choosing their own replacements?
  9. And now out for 2019 tour:
  10. They are out for 2019:
  11. I was seated side A, 40 yard line, front row. From our seats, The side B bari soloist seemed to disappear at some point during the back and forth in the ballad. I’m. It sure if this is due to speaker placement relative to our seats, but we heard the first few sections just fine. I also recall a trumpet screamer in the ballad. I didn’t see or hear this last night.
  12. Last night the vocalist sound was hit and miss in the stadium, too.
  13. At the beginning it looks to be an acoustic/electric. Interesting. I had just assumed they were synth patches.