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  1. How old are we talking? I know that in winter of 1987-88 Madison learned some ballet. That was a while ago.
  2. This is a great mute. I hIghly recommend it. Inexpensive. No batteries needed.
  3. So, may I assume there is no longer a Windows mobile app available?
  4. I get that it sucks. For all of the old stuff we want to see, there are issues. You would think that audio recordings would at least be safe, but alas, you can't get even get a compulsory mechanical license if the arrangements used were unlicensed. DCI, and others, seem to have hinted that there may be a retroactive deal on the horizon that will allow audio and maybe even video to be distributed again. Let's hope so. To quote Everett McGill in Oh Brother Where Art Thou, "We're in a bit of a tight spot!"
  5. Nothing has recently changed in the law. What has changed is that DCI is following it to the letter. Or, for the better, for the activity.
  6. It has a threaded rod that goes into the horn, and the ring. It has a nut that has ridges for hand tightening between the two. It is likely that the nut is so tight that you will need to use a tool to loosen it. Unscrew the entire thing from the horn. Then loosen the nut carefully with pliers. If the rod comes out of the ring, when you remove the nut, screw it back into the thumb ring. The rod needs to go into the ring first, and it needs to be tight. BUT don't crush the threads on the rod. So use an old leather belt or work gloves between the pliers and the rod when tightening it to the thumb ring. Then make sure the nut is on the rod, but not too close to the thumb ring to allow for adjustment of ring orientation. When the ring is in the position you want, and the rod ALMOST all the way in to the horn, tighten the nut down to the horn and it will keep it in place.
  7. I think this is the answer... Statute of limitations on copyright violations is between three and five years. So the window for both civil and criminal suits of those unlicensed arrangements has expired. Audio recordings are released under a statutaory (compulsory) mechanical license. There is a standard fee per song and it is very affordable. You pay after the product is SOLD, not created. And you just pay the Harry Fox company. So pretty easy to take care of.
  8. You should immediately stop attempting to spin your trumpet. Leave that move to the tubs. We're professionals. Stick to playing your fancy "Melodies" and parts that are "Heard". And maybe move a #### valve slide while you are at it. We yearn for movable slides. #### you all.
  9. They already have that, attached to the best marching horn out there.
  10. There is only Carolina Crown 2010. 1:40 of just the brass line.
  11. I would guess that it will changed to grass. It is a soccer stadium after all.
  12. Sure thing. I can either answer or point you to the right person to help you.
  13. The actual schedule. CLASS A Excelsior 2:00 Erie Thunderbirds 2:18 Cincinnati Tradition 2:36 Chops, Inc. 2:54 Kilties 3:12 Alliance 3:30 Govenaires 3:48 Intermission (25 minutes) OPEN CLASS Skyliners 4:31 Bushwackers 4:49 Hurricanes 5:07 Carolina Gold 5:25 Sunrisers 5:43 Atlanta CV 6:01 White Sabers 6:19 Intermission (25 Minutes) Kidsgrove Scouts 7:02 Fusion Core 7:20 Minnesota Brass 7:38 Cadets 2 7:56 Caballeros 8:14 Buccaneers 8:32