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  1. Documentary filmmaking is not a money making venture. Would we like to make money, sure, of course! I would be satisfied if we could at least earn the money back that we poured into this project from our personal bank accounts. As far as money that we earn being donated, we did that with many of our theatrical-on-demand screenings that were fundraisers for high school marching bands across the USA, also around this time last year we donated hundreds of copies of the movie on DVD and Blu-ray to the Madison Scouts to sell at their souvie stand. Ultimately, we are just trying to show ne
  2. We have put the documentary, "Scouts Honor: Inside a Marching Brotherhood" on sale on the iTunes Store in the USA, Canada, Ireland and Great Britain for 99 cents! This pricing change happened two days ago, and we've rocketed up the iTunes documentary chart from not being in the top 200 on Friday morning, to reaching the number 11 spot yesterday! Every 99 cent rental helps us maintain our position or climb even higher. If you haven't seen the movie yet, now is good time to take advantage of this price. Here's the link to find the film in the iTunes USA store:
  3. Thanks so much. We worked hard to get this movie right. Somehow we walked that tightrope to make it both work for the hardcore drum corps fan and at the same time it works for people who've never heard of the activity. Our film festival screenings proved that it works for a general audience. We do have performance moments in our documentary, and it was a major headache to get the music licensing done to allow us to keep them in the film, but we just couldn't show drum corps without giving you that "in your face" sound that we all know and love. The film now has a presence on the Apple Traile
  4. We're happy to announce that the home video release for our award winning documentary, "Scouts Honor: Inside a Marching Brotherhood" is finally happening. Preorders for the DVD and the Ultimate Blu-ray Edition + DVD Combo Pack are now available on our website. The discs will ship in June, and these two versions of the film will be available for sale at the Madison Scouts souvie stand during the 2016 DCI tour. We've been blown away by the reactions to our film from both drum corps fans and from those who had previous never heard of the activity. Somehow we made the film work for both camps whi
  5. We know that Utah is a bit of a drum corps desert, but there's a chance to see our award winning documentary "Scouts Honor: Inside a Marching Brotherhood" on October 7th in Provo. Only a few days remain to pre-order tickets and the minimum ticket number must be reached to lock in this screening. No credit cards are charged until the minimum is met. Please help us get the word out. Tickets will not be available at the door, only through the following link:
  6. We are finalizing the bonus features now, and expect to announce news within the coming weeks about pre-orders, the official release dates and the details regarding not only the DVD, but the Ultimate Blu-ray edition, as well as the digital streaming and downloadable versions.
  7. Hi all! We have an upcoming screening in Boulder, CO that has a really low tipping point. Does anyone know anyone in the area that could help push that screening past the tipping point? Shouldn't be too hard to find 20 people who like drum corps right? :) We would like to try to get more of these smaller tipping point screenings going so that people that aren't necessarily high school affiliated can go watch the movie with a group of family or friends.
  8. We were hoping to have it done by now, but we're in the midst of prepping the extras for the bonus materials. We'll certainly make an announcement when we have a date and when we will start taking preorders.
  9. Thank you very much, and we completely understand for those of you who don't want to attend the documentary that we made featuring the Madison Scouts before the gala. It makes sense to us. We think this is a great opportunity for people who don't understand drum corps to get a primer about not only what the activity is, but how meaningful it can be. We are down to the wire without about 5 hours left to presell 22 tickets, so anything you can do to get the word out for us would be fantastic. If we don't reach our ticket minimum then the screening will be cancelled. If we do reach it, then tick
  10. I'm the Director/Producer of the documentary feature "Scouts Honor: Inside a Marching Brotherhood." Steve Damon, an alum of the Boston Crusaders, has setup a screening of our film to happen at the Cinema De Lux at Patriot Place in Foxboro, at 1pm before the 75th Anniversary Gala and the live DCI show, the East Coast Classic at Gillette Stadium. This is a "crowd driven" screening and will only happen if enough tickets are pre-sold by a deadline; that way it's no cost to the person that requests it. Currently 51 tickets have been pre-ordered, but 23 more need to be purchased by tomorrow, June 1
  11. No, Hunter has not marched in DCI since the 2012 season, when the movie was shot.
  12. "This film (which currently has a rating of 9.6 out of 10 stars on has won three film festival awards and has achieved the fine balance of not dumbing down the subject matter for the seasoned drum corps fan, but also making the film work for someone who has never heard of the DCI subculture. It strikes emotional chords with it’s coming of age story and doesn’t sugar coat how hard it can be to be a marching member working at such a demanding level. This is a perfect opportunity to bring someone who’s never heard of drum corps to see what it’s all about. Pick up the phone, talk to
  13. We would love it if you could help get the word out about this possible screening in Foxboro on July 2nd. If it gets confirmed then it will screen from 1pm to 2:30pm which leaves plenty of time to attend the Boston Crusaders 75th Gala & the live DCI show at Gillette Stadium. The theater is located right next to the stadium. It's about to be cancelled because they haven't reached their ticket minimum. There needs to be 38 more ticket reservations by June 18th at midnight (EST) for it to be confirmed. No credit cards are charged until the screening "tips." This is a great way to introduce
  14. Another huge jump in ticket reservations today for our June 15th, Burbank, CA screening! 52 have been pre-sold and there only need to be 15 more tickets reserved to give this screening the "green light!" Thank you for helping us get the word out DCP community! 😀👍🎉 Here's the ticket link for Burbank: Cheers, Mac