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  1. True. But you have to admit it would be fun to talk about during the off season. The season is so short as it is.
  2. Bluecoats break tradition by their show reveal early.
  3. Pretend you never heard of drum corps and asked which of the following is false: 1. Marching Tympani -or 2. Marching Saxophones Woodwinds? Nothing to see here!
  4. Synths will never be banned - nor should they be. My point is why not allow the actual instruments - not just the electronically created voices? In fact, nothing reasonable should be banned PERIOD. The days of traditional D&BC is long gone. Drum Corps is not Fife And Drum Corps. What the activity has experienced over the past 15-20 years is basic creative evolution. There is no guarantee of survival. But unless the activity adapts, it cannot survive. Hoping for the best.
  5. DCI was forced to jump the shark when the evolution of electronics brought any voice imaginable to the field of competition. So why not invite the real musicians instead of piped in synthetic sounds? Reality is, the train is coming down the tracks and can’t be stopped. They - the voting membership - can vote it down this week. It won’t really matter. It’s a matter of WHEN, not IF, woodwinds ever are adopted for drum corps. If WW are not trotting around the field; you will see them featured as non-traditional instruments are used. The challenge for drum corps’ survival is not the competition from other DCI corps. Rather, it will be from the ever-growing competition from local marching bands. If the line between drum corps and marching band disappears, can the activity continue to prosper by attracting enough prospective marching members who will be willing to give up their summers, commit to off-season travel, and pay thousands of dollars for something they can get from their local bands? Drum Corps used to be a league of its own. Not as much any more.
  6. In best-case, DCI shouldn’t be concerned much with Open Class, any more that what MLB does with the Minor Leagues. The difference here is drum corps has a fraction of membership than it once had. The activity will struggle to sustain itself on 25 “World Class” corps. Like it or not, DCI NEEDS the Open Class corps.
  7. Buy tickets directly from the corps. They get a cut and you get better seats.
  8. Save money and use one of the hotels at East 21st area. It’s about a 10 minute drive to LOS. Downtown hotels are nice but overpriced. You will pay extra for parking even if you stay downtown.
  9. An annual operating budget north of $1 million and only a $50,000 net worth requirement? Sure glad they “raised the bar”! Not to mention DCI’s generous show earnings.
  10. I have been around drum corps for a long time. Your rationale for the 21 year old max is the most insightful reasoning I have ever seen. In your 2 paragraphs above, you have changed my thinking on this one. I wholeheartedly agree. Thank you for posting!
  11. DCI should have increased the age max years ago. Seems silly to cap it at 21. The average age of a world class corps is pushing 20. Gone are the days when a 13 year-old kid is going to march in their community corps. DCI should allow college aged people to at least 22 (four years college eligibility years).