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  1. No Crown 2020, but this version showed no mercy. Electric run during 2016. Oh, my! One of the greatest shows ever! Now, on to Inferno, ‘14, ‘13, ‘12, ‘11, ‘10, ‘09. Sure miss Crown. C’mon back soon!
  2. Happy foth ta you and ya families!
  3. Why do the call it the pit when it’s right out in front of the field?
  4. $2.5 million budget per year is too high for a drum corps. And 200? That’s insane no matter how you count it.
  5. Wow. This thread came back from nowhere. Ha, there was a Northern Lights out of Cleveland, Ohio!
  6. Regarding the threat to the 2020 tour, what about the 2021 tour? If vaccines are 18 months away, there is a possibility that tour cancellations go beyond this season.
  7. I’ll take one of those. Please toss in some headgear too!
  8. MacArthurs Park, 1975 Madison! For that matter, many Scouts hits during this era. Some of the bugle soloists were unbelievable.
  9. True. DCI should offer an insurance policy for shows that get cancelled. Yes, corps need the money from ticket sales but I hate to lose the cost of a ticket when the show is threatened by bad weather. Especially when contemplating a long drive to an out of town show site.
  10. Remember the starter pistol shots at the start of judging and the when judging ended? That was tradition too. But we’re waaay past that one as well. I think it’s time for change from the announcer’s booth.
  11. Another thing to get rid of is the announcement of the corps name AFTER the performance begins.
  12. Better question is why does the announcer have to ask “is your corps ready?”