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  1. Every November we hear about the 300, 400+ kids that show up at “x” corps, and then are fed the narrative that the activity is so popular. Is it, really? It’s popular for the handful of corps that can attract such a high volume of attendees. Unfortunately, the majority of those kids that are turned away NEVER experience drum corps on the field. And, please, let’s not go with the “experience” part of a kid attending a camp. It’s more about a money-making opportunity for the corps than it is for the kids. I’m not begrudging the money-making opportunity, it’s just the way it is. Good for the corps with big off-season turnouts. Consider: How many MORE kids would attend camps IF they did not have to commit an entire summer, travel long distances for camps, and pay so much to participate? The reality is, there are limited “community” corps. But if the top 4,5,6,7.did not feel so compelled to spend their way to a medal, then perhaps the activity would be healthier and allow for greater organic growth in the areas so badly needed.
  2. Now, do I truly believe that severing the “G4,5,6,7” would be in the best interests of DCI? Not really. There was a time that the “G7” thought otherwise. But how many corps really have the economic resources to keep up with the top of food chain? Run a national tour? Look at DCI’s schedule outside of their showcase events , some shows with as few 4 competing corps AND 1 CORPS IN OPEN CLASS. How many times have you been to show and hear the score announcements for Open Class to be: “In first place with a score of xxx” and there is only ONE Open Class corps in “competition”. Fortunately we have seen re-growth of open class and SoundSport teams. As I’ve mentioned, that’s the opportunity. The issue is if DCI begins pricing those other start-ups right out of business.
  3. Yes. Exactly. This is where the competition resides. It’s not so much with the elites.It’s why Open Class and SoundSport are so vital to the activity’s future.
  4. I love competition as much as anyone. But, really, look at almost any show and you can pretty safely know the order before the show even starts. Where is the “competition”?
  5. Perhaps its time for DCI to become an exhibition showcase for the marching elite. DCI can be FOUR corps running across the great landscape of America, wowing the wanna-be’s at their regional and community shows. It has gotten to the point where 80% of the attention is given to 20% of “World-Class corps. National touring and broadway shows on football fields are not for every corps. In fact, the majority of groups can only dream of playing on that field. So, maybe its time for the elite to stop beating up on the little ones and go off and do their own thing - as the showcase of “Marching Music’s, Major League”.
  6. I agree with this. I would also add that looking toward the “designers” to right the ship is only part of it. Crown, for years, has had some of the finest instructional staff the activity has ever known. At some point though, if they haven’t already done so, that same instructional staff (and executive directors) need to demand even more from the design team - more fitting to the high talent level the corps has. If change is necessary, so be it. We are now into year 3 of sub-medal contending conception and design. One could even argue the music this year is not what we have grown so accustomed to from Crown. That said, the sky isn’t falling. It’s simply Crown has been an elite for so long now that anything less than medal-contending is deemed as a miss. A top-3 finish is not out of the question but will be pretty darn hard to make. Who you going to overtake from Bloo, BD, SCV? I don’t see it happening but if there’s a corps who can do it, why not Crown?
  7. Statement show for Bluecoats. First in GE, Brass, Guard, Music. Honestly don’t see how anyone beats them this year.
  8. Ok. Those who saw the show... what’s your predictions? - is it still going.... duh 🙄
  9. Maybe. But the era of Drum Corps Stage Shows at the top of the food chain really is a Bluecoats thing. But, playing to the sheets... Yes, no one ever did it better than BD. No mistake, BD pushed the activity more than any corps ever has. However, in recent years, I get the sense the torch has been passed to Bluecoats. It's up to someone else to come up with the "next best thing". SCV is on to something. There's a look at feel to their last 3 shows that stands out among their peers. Even still, SCV's is not doing anything unique to what's ever been done before.
  10. I bet if marketed professionally, and available via Live Stream, the streaming audience for tonight's match ups could have been the biggest ever.
  11. Now this is THE show that DCI should be Live-Streaming. C'mon, DCI! Missed opportunity here!
  12. Perhaps. BD may have the bigger upside than Bluecoats. Somehow, though, the Beatles are resonating. I would have thought otherwise. It’s a GE game and everything else is just table dressing. Nope, Bluecoats have figured out the judging sheets better than most. BD’s going to start to have to “compete” against others - not just against themselves. The tide has turned.
  13. Flo needs to offer a simple, 1-month plan. No strings attached.
  14. Having read some comments that DCI was unaware of what Flo was doing regarding live-streaming of DCI’S OWN CONTENT, is just another example of other issues that the DCI office has claimed they had no knowledge of.