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  1. I watched a video of PR’s 2021 music. Awesome. Love it!
  2. Just don’t say “Channel3”, three times while looking into a mirror.
  3. Hi Rich, I have to agree. Unfortunately it always seems to be the same few who go off the rails. Also, unfortunately, is too few posters overall on DCP to drown those few out. Since there’s been so little going on the field in drum corps over the last couple of seasons, the forums have become rather cliquey - even by DCP “standards”. Forums seem more like a Chat Room than forum - chats typically void of open discussion, analysis, and relevant opinion. Hopefully once performances are on the field, the more DCP can return to the types of forums that recharges our interests.
  4. Great job, Crown! Wonderful performance! Any thoughts of drum corps demise over the last year and and a half just flew out the window. So many performers and so much passion. The corps is well positioned for continued success because of you. Thank you!
  5. My goodness, that was fantastic. I think they’d make finals!
  6. Music City, probably more than most corps, thrive more of a local membership draw. Good for MCDC!
  7. Can’t see anything that DCI can do in the summer of 2021 more than keeping the light switch on. I’m sure they realize - DCI - that unless there is some sort of bridge to 2022, the activity could be doomed for extinction. This isn’t the early days where the local legions and VFW posts were the sponsors and local membership was a given. The lack of marching units and failure to maintain local participation does not bode well for a quick restart back to normalcy anytime soon.
  8. Understood. But what’s the alternative? Another year without member fee income could be the death knoll to DCI and many of the member corps.
  9. Expecting to see a 2021 field show seems like fantasy today.
  10. I couldn’t agree more with Tim K. Great perspective and excellent points!
  11. Good luck with this. I get that corps need to find creative ways to make up for lost revenue and to try to stay afloat. However, the “School of the Arts” is a bit of a tough sell without promise of a competitive season on the field.
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