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  1. At the end of the day we all want the same thing. Kids to be safe in an activity we love. I’ve been known to be abrasive. Sorry for any I’ve offended it’s just a story that particularly infuriates me.
  2. Many people believe my claim has merit... considering the fact that there is a new board now.
  3. Welcome to the real world where admistrations get blamed for actions by members of admistration.
  4. Well, sounds like your church council should have been more attentive. I dunno what to tell you.
  5. The board. The dates, nature, and number of assaults exhibit a culture of rape within the admistration that was active at the time.
  6. So you’re saying it’s good that rape is no longer being ignored? Good talk.
  7. I get to troll every five years or so. I just love the activity and I’m upset at the stain this leaves on the activity and hate that this happened to the kids.
  8. Regardless of the actions taken to preserve the corps it seems like a hard sell for parents... “yahhh we had a little rape problem last year but it’s been dealt with.” Oook.
  9. I wasn’t aware the board was gone too. Sorry. Maybe they’ll have entertaining shows again instead of having some weird catholic priests singing stuff no one cares about. Bring back 2000 cadets plz then I’ll stop being a hater.
  10. If the board of the cadets could not stop this from happening then maybe they should stop being a drum corps.
  11. I wonder how hard it would be to get a new identity. An identity that's like 20 years old. Plastic surgery on my face (not that I need it, hah!) and audition for the 2015 Bluecoats. I bet I could get away with it.
  12. They had form issues they don't usually have tonight. Great shows! I pretty much agree with the placements scores. The gap between 2/3 to 1 is closing, yet still substantial. Weird seeing cavies and PR so low. They're shows were really good though. Coats ending was kinda weird to me. What were those poses on the final note? Were they all supposed to be the same or all different? I couldn't tell. Can't wait to re-watch it. As much as i've been putting off watching The Cadets this year, I'm really glad I watched it tonight. Definitely my favorite "narration centered" show of all time.
  13. was that drew guy on the mapex commercial?! Cool!