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  1. Genesis did absolutely great last year and I was wondering how they are doing this year. If anyone has seen their show give me some insight, I haven't really been able to find any good footage.
  2. Phantom 03 and 08! Those hornlines were absolutely killer, any brass players dreams!
  3. Troopers are going to be in the fight for Finals this year no doubt. Gotta catch up to Crossmen, which is within their reach, and Trooper could easily take the 12 slot at Finals! Exciting times!
  4. BK is definitely working hard this year and will be a force to contend with at Finals. Beating Phantom Regiment...probably not. But going toe to toe with Cavaliers is certainly a possibility.
  5. I would have to say SCV 2013. Very spiffy.
  6. I would love to see Crown take it all the way this year! BD has a long history of success and I respect that immensely. BD has always been one of my favorites, but it is time for Crown to have their glory! It's time to stop settling for brass titles and take it all! Give us more of that in-your-face brass!!!!
  7. i guess I'll show my youth, my first experience was in the 8th Grade. My band director took a few of us brass players into his office and told us to gather around the computer. He showed us a video of the Blue Devils playing "When a Man Loves a Woman" we were all dumbfounded. Here we were, only playing our horns for 2 1/2 years and there are these guys on a screen doing things I can't even imagine. So of course, it sparked my curiosity and started the fire. Ever since I have been a drum corps addict. I have had the oppurtunity to attend a live show in 2011. Incredible! Phantom's low brass was
  8. I have heard the rumor about the SCV show designer. He/She supposedly resides right behind my high school. Our band director always tell us that if we play loud enough and the "old lady" hears us she brings cookies. Then he told me that the "old lady" was really an SCV show designer. I was awestruck! I wish I could meet the legend.
  9. Not too far away! I bet in a town that size there are quite a few corps alumni huh?
  10. Has Carolina Crown ever messed around with some Tchaikovsky? If not, they totally should!!!
  11. As long as it has some blaring brass and the same level of excellence as last year I'll be more than happy. If they get the drumline cleaned up this could definitely be their year to take it all!
  12. Very clever guys! Very clever! Can't go anywhere without at least one alien joke! Haha
  13. This sounds like a weird request I'm sure, but I am looking for any drum corps alumni living in the Roswell, NM area. A few months ago I passed a truck with a Madison Scouts Alumni sticker on it and it peaked my interest. I know it is a relatively small community (50,000), but I was wondering if there possibly were any alumni in the area and this seemed liked the perfect place to try and find out. Oh the joys of the internet!