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  1. hey Fred, do you live/teach in Jersey??! If so, then you know me! :)
  2. Fair enough. I will say the identity, especially as far as drumlines go, was clearer then than now, having played and taught both. Most would agree you would know what drumline was warming up from around the corner based on their style/exercises. Bridgemen, 27, Vanguard, Phantom, Spirit, Oakland, all unique. But, it is still about numbers of corps for me. Thanks.
  3. We can not move forward without looking at the past tp help it move forward for years to come. I for one dont mind electronics. This thread was never about QUALITY of drum corps, but QUANTITY and ACCESS to drum corps. There are some excellent corps now, for sure.
  4. Ultimately, a grass roots effort is needed to replenish the stock of drum corps, regardless of level. It takes guts, and money. Mr. Bob Jacobs did this with the Jersey Surf, and has grown it steadily over the past few years. It is the only World Class corps in New Jersey. It takes a committment to long term, steady growth. There are no more Bill Cooks out there with a love for music and kids that are willing to throw money into a start up. The lack of LOCAL sponsors (American Legion, VFW, etc) helped bring us to this point. So, who will be the next group of organizations that can help start some local drum corps once again that will eventually grow up and become World Class competitors? In my opinion, the only 'civic organization" that can help sponsor fledgling drum corps get off the ground is another one of the "big 3" corps sponsors of corps we have all forgotten. Perhaps, The PAL. (Police Athletic Leagues) . Pehaps this much heralded organizations who have sponsored many corps over the years, which has MANY local branches, can be talked into some sponsorships for the activity. I am trying to research this, as I just want to see drum corps back in my state, where it once flourished years ago. Where it taught me many of my life lessons of respect, loyalty, dedication, commitment, and yes, musicianship. These are the things I lament about our current state of affairs. I would like to see drum corps more than a transient activity that only a relatively small percentage of kids now get to experience. I know you all are passionate about drum corps. I brought this thread up to encourage the debate, precisely at this time instead of the dead of winter, to shine a light on our activity, to see not only the GOOD things about drum corps now, but how it has declined in sheer numbers, and that how we may try to help preserve it. To those of you who chose to ridicule me as a "dino", you, too, will be in my position. It is inevitable. I only hope there is drum corps around for YOU to discuss for a long time. I hold no grudges, and glad it sparked debate, and I will return to add some input as my time allows...Thanks for the input, and God Bless.
  5. Mr. Monkey...I feel you need a history lesson. If you feel the Bridgemen made no impact, you need to see how dancing, costume changing, acting, and all of the other things corps do today, were started by the Bridgemen. It is undisputed truth to most drum corps people. If you deny this, you will show you truly are a neophyte in this activity.
  6. ..and the reason is...THERE WAS ONLY ONE SHOW IN THE ENTIRE STATE OF GEORGIA!!!! Of course people will travel MILES to get to see ONE SHOW! Do you know, (of course, you wouldn't, because you weren't around), that in the early 80's, we played 2 to 3 shows in the state of Georgia alone on tour??? Valdosta, Atlanta, and another that escapes me.. Point being, you can point to a stadium being filled without of any real context. Why was it filled? The only show in the state. Allentown? There used to be a PRELIMS AND A FINALS and the stands were MUCH more filled than this year, and I was at this years show. It was full, but there was a time when it was end zone to end zone. You see, perspective is key. Many of us have seen the numbers dwindle, and hope it changes. I for one, have been, and will continue, to help and support in many ways you will never know.
  7. Guys, I don't want this to be a "drum corps was better back in my day" thing, because many would argue that drum corps "quality" is at it's highest 'art form" now. But know one can argue that there are fewer opportunities, and it's very real. The "meat and potatoe" corps who kept the tours going and filled out the shows are no longer around. A sad fact. Also, thanks for the recognition, and I just tend to ignore ignorance and disrespect. If we were face to face, it would be different ;)
  8. Ironically, there ARE more H.S marching bands, and more competitions than in the 80's for sure! That activity has actu allygrown because of the influence of drum corps. You are wrong on that point, my friend.
  9. Many of the tactics did. Make fun all you want, but no one has yet to argue the numbers. You just come up with corny lines. Thats cool. Have a great rest of the summer!
  10. Yup. sure have :) And thats a great thing! The number of corps now is not what it once was.
  11. Very intelligent. But then again, you're young with so little perspective on the activity. I forgive you. I will respond to any other relevant, thoughtful commentary.
  12. I have been on MANY staffs, and consult with one currently. I have donated...not just FINANCIALLY but giving of my TIME. I feel reflection upon the state of affairs is relevant, and if these facts bother you, so be it. But fact it remains. ...and I GREW UP in this activity at an early age. From age 10 on I marched until age 21, with The Saints, the then Garfield Cadets, and then as a member of the Bayonne Bridgemen my final 4 years. So, it saddens me to see so FEW opportunities for kids today to march, and THAT is the point and fact.
  13. A SAD Drum Corps fact: In 1982, 30 years ago, when I marched with the Bridgemen, there were: 48 Drum Corps competing in Open Class Prelims, 43 Drum Corps in Class A Prelims, 7 All-Girls Corps, 5 Class B corps, mostly in Jersey TOTAL: 103 Drum Corps, at ALL LEVELS!!, plus the others who did NOT travel to DCI. Corps had INDIVIDUALITY, an IDENTITY, and played very entertaining shows that were also difficult and competitive. ...and today?? Well, not even close. 22 "World Class" 14 "Open Class" Total: 36 We have watched a steady decline, and it's sad to say, we may be watching the beginning of the final countdown, as the economy and DCI politics continue to kill Drum Corps. Thanks to the "rich get richer" system that was employed, whereby winning corps made more money on tour, the activity is dwindling to a select few who attract all the kids. And if it were up to certain people, there would only be 10 corps in the whole country, and doing it on their own "tour". Call me old fashioned, but I love the old days.