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  1. I'm aware of the Gunther Schuler connection but the problem is, nobody in the stands gets it nor does anyone want to get it. They want to hear Madison do that music in a way that makes the crowd react the way it did to Madison's 95 show. Can't get that reaction with a soft ending and with the high note trumpets being nothing more than an afterthought. I feel bad for the corps. I know they have to be hurting right about now. Probably some very long and not very fun rehearsal days. My biggest fear in all of this is if Mason and company decide to say "screw it. We're leaving" after this year. If
  2. Here's the problem. You can't do a show of Kenton and Ellis music CORRECTLY and get competitive credit for it. Nor can you "modernize it" into a modern DCI theater drama and get fan appeal from it. Conclusion: this show was a mistake. They should have stayed the course that they've been on for the last three years. 2010 was classic Madison as well but it was the right time and the right statement to make at the right time. In 2011, they found a way to move forward yet keep a glimmer of that brand. 2012 and 2013 was more of the same. This one? Aint working. The only way thay could make it w
  3. This post is almost as ridiculous as some of the things I've posted.
  4. I saw the error message as well. Reminded me of when they moved the Madison director's hand to the #11 draw spot in 1988. I smell a rat in Denmark.
  5. No, I think I've pretty much covered that already.
  6. No. It's about how Pioneer is going to make finals within the next two years due to a staff change.
  7. If you think I care about how many "likes" my posts get, you need to think again. LOL
  8. Yes, you're right. I'm being a troll. And I am about 80% of the time I post here. It's just so easy. Half the stuff I post I don't even agree with myself. I post it because DCP is just too predictable. Have a great rest of your 2014 season.
  9. Guys, I'll be honest. I'm just having fun. Mods, if you want to lock this thread of "trolldom", be my guest. I'm surprised it lasted this long.
  10. People take things way too seriously on DCP. Which is why I have so much fun here.
  11. BULL ####! I NEVER said it even in my edited posts!!!!