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  1. Colts first big impact with Inferno gets me every time I hear it
  2. Also gotta factor in I think this was their first read on any sheets as well as it was a DCI judging panel and not a DCA one. They will be in shape for championships, they always are. 😁
  3. Discord is great for communicating information fast and instantly as well as voice chat and very easy to use on mobile. I run the KY Marching Discord server that I started to spread from the KY discussion forums and I find it much easier to interact with your community.
  4. I am participating, I'd like to just run Thoroughbreds in Class A
  5. I'm down for it, especially if champs are where I live πŸ˜‰
  6. The Thoroughbreds organization has relocated to Bowling Green, KY and has made plans to return in season 29. Our organization is happy to make this announcement after much consideration and planning and is looking forward to competing once again! Hope to see everyone soon! Stephen Chase Todd Corps director
  7. I will definitely use the Discord server. I will be trying to make a return to DCPI in the next season.
  8. I'd definitely recommend the Bach 6.5 AL Megatone
  9. Shout out to my people in Cincinnati for achieving the first ever Box 5 brass score in the corps' history!
  10. Not saying you will always have problems over WiFi, just saying problems over WiFi can't be controlled by anyone.
  11. I'd be surprised if it was our ballad from that year considering all our music minus the preshow and closer was original music that year lol