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  1. "Happy Little Trees," featuring music inspired by the art of Bob Ross
  2. If endurance is the issue, then just let Brandt announce the scores and placements
  3. Interesting how the corps is ahead of the conductor...
  4. Yes, and a massive Jack Nicholson head set up backfield ... "Here's Johnny!"
  5. The snares are the standard 12x14. And this does sound very very good, and the brass book is solid. This is the injection that PR needed. I also just listened to Boston's concert recording, and while both corps sound excellent even through the lousy recording quality, at this point Phantom's brass sounds considerably stronger to me. (But Boston's drumline... holy moly)
  6. My memory could be failing me, but I thought I remember Cadets planning on a Pat Metheny show for '90, but then switched some time over the winter to the Bernstein show.
  7. PBS has never been good exposure... And even less so now in the fragmented broadcast and streaming landscape.
  8. I'd definitely add 81/82 PR Spartacus to the list (and yes, 2008 can stay). Cadets 1988 Copland Symphony No 3 was pretty on point too.
  9. BD marched Slingerland back in the mid-70s ... 1975 for sure.
  10. You must watch this. You must watch ALL of this. Packed with juicy tidbits from the proverbial "horse's mouth." https://www.facebook.com/cadets.org/videos/1947105122087625/
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