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  1. Yup --- and for years and years, not just the recent past. Always liked their blend and balance
  2. Great show by the Coats ... until 'Hey Jude'. That really feels pasted on, not an effective coda to me.
  3. Funny, because I feel the closer is a great wrapper on the production. It also reminds me of BD in years past for some reason ... 90s, etc.
  4. I never felt BDs show translate online well this summer until tonight. That's a hell of a well coordinated and executed show. First time I really felt REALLY intense vibes from the BD battery too.
  5. You've never played cymbals in a symphony orchestra, have you? 😁
  6. More grist for the DCP mill:
  7. Mandarins getting hammered in drums ... 10th tonight, bested by Spirit, Colts and PC
  8. Not all that close at the top --- Crown pretty decisively on top with this panel