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  1. Well tonights scores are like getting a birdie on the 18th hole. It makes me wanna come back for more Congrats Crown!
  2. BD has not lost this event in 9 years. I could see Crown ending that tonight
  3. THAT CLOSER WAS ORGASMIC! #### Crown your killing it. I see good things in your future.
  4. This is whole season its been Cadets fans against the world though...
  5. I have you thoughts and insight in last. You honestly see them dropping to 4th? Your a fool
  6. Looking past the Kpop section I am coming around to this show.
  7. Don't need to be. Im watching at home glad I didn't pay to see that $hit show
  8. I will agree with their use of color to add to the show but this is not the same phantom. They just have no draw this year. No big moment that just brings you in. I don't know if they are just young this year or what it is with them but its going to be the bottom 6 for them in the years to come if they don't get their act together.