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  1. I won't put numbers down until labor day staff announcements. Buy, sell, hold on improving from 2019 show/performance/placement/score/etc. BD - hold Bloo - sell SCV - buy Crown - hold Cavies - buy Boston - buy Blue Knights - hold Blue Stars - sell Cadets - buy Mandies - hold Xmen - sell PR - buy Spirit - buy
  2. Another year, another greatly entertaining production. This type of consistency will continue to feed into the growth of the organization and flow of member talent. Can't wait to see what they come up with next year, 80th anniversary!
  3. Crossmen and Blue Stars both beat Cadets in visual, biggest surprise
  4. Wow Boston, great job! Crown isn't a pushover though, should be fun to watch these two corps. Both having such great years
  5. Monday, July 1 Drums Across the Desert Corps Score 1 Santa Clara Vanguard 79.4 2 Cavaliers 76.7 3 The Academy 68.4 4 Troopers 65.7 Tuesday, July 2 Drum Corps: An America
  6. I think last year's design was better, but still a great top 10 corps and show. They'll be fighting the corps above them.
  7. Great score jumps for Boston and Bloo. Nice job by Cadets percussion. Spirit is digging their toes into the top 12, hope to see that continue.
  8. Monday, June 24 Drums on the Ohio Corps Score 1 Carolina Crown 73.8 2 Boston Crusaders 72.3 3 Blue Stars 68.7 4 Crossmen 67.4 5 Phantom Regiment 65.0
  9. SCV didn't do much for me. I think BD with time can absolutely beat them out.
  10. Losing GE2 and Brass to Cavies doesn't bode well for BD. Great for Cavies though! Mandarins started last year at a 62.95. Jesus what a jump.
  11. I don't know how I do it. Threepeat here I come! Half the battle is keeping up with it for the whole summer. Edit - Second night wasn't so great for me
  12. Cadets: Really like the props. The drill is a huge step backwards for me. Feel like I'm going to have to come back to this later in the season. Boston Crusaders: Great visual moments especially with the guard. Ballad could use some tweaks, but loved rest of the music. Just so much raw energy. Overall I think it's a great vehicle for them. Carolina Crown: Best ballad of the night. Felt like quite a traditional show, which I kinda liked but at the same time I don't feel like I saw anything new, felt very vanilla. Might hold them back mid-season but they're in a good place overall.