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  1. I wonder who, if anyone, will be picking Aungst up. It would be a huge win.
  2. Whoever wrote 2019, that's what they needed more of. I guess consistency was an issue. I'm not convinced Saucedo is necessarily a step up, but should be interesting to see.
  3. Early prediction, and I'll do another one after we hear about staff changes. 1. Boston - Talent is there and design team has really started cooking. 2. Blue Devils - The pattern dictates a silver. 3. Bluecoats - Only 2nd to BD in consistency. 4. SCV - Design held them back a bit this year, and yet the final product was fantastic. Tells me they have a high ceiling. 5. Crown - Perpetually stuck as the 4th place corps. A solid top 3 and strong SCV makes things difficult. 6. Blue Stars - Momentum has been building these last few years. They were only 0.138 away from 6th. 7. Cadets - Great design this year while 2019 was rather poor. So jury's still out whether the design team has hit their stride. 8. Cavaliers - Losing some key staff will probably hurt, but I think they can only go up after this past year. 9. Phantom - They're going to have a crazy amount of auditionees. Give them another year or 2, but they'll continue to be fan favorites. 10. Mandarins - Solid corps. I see them as sturdy gatekeepers to the top 10. If a corps above them stumbles Mandarins will be ready. 11. Colts - Design team figured something out here. I think they can repeat success. 12. Blue Knights - Falling from 7th to 14th is quite dramatic. I have to give them the benefit of the doubt.
  4. SCV has grown and evolved much greater than Crown has this season and it seems to me like SCV has way more room to grow still. They can get 4th
  5. Cavies' path back to the top 6 is not going to be an easy task at all with these 2 strong corps, Cadets and Blue Stars.
  6. Bluecoats might have my favorite show of the year. And Blue Devils were fantastic too. BD, Crown, Boston, and Bluecoats make a very strong top 4. I don't know how I'd place them.
  7. Boston continues to squeeze more and more out of this show. Cavies have been a bit of a miss with me design-wise, since the premiere. Still can't get into it outside a few moments. I like SCV's show, but it's missing some needed spice or pizzaz.
  8. BK needs a shake up after the seasons over. Blue Stars are very strong but still not a fan of so many props. Hoping they make top 7 though. Crown is really starting to sell this show to me.
  9. Pretty sure its Adam and Eve being thrown out of Eden there, with the trumpet soloist and guard on top of the props pointing towards the exit
  10. Uncut Gems (Bluecoats or Mandarins) Akira (BD or SCV) Suspiria (Boston in 2027, can't do another witch show too soon)
  11. 1 point gap behind the corps some people here think will have an undefeated season supposedly is a pretty great place to be tbh
  12. There's annoying aspects to this show but I think overall they do a lot right. I'm not convinced it can beat BD yet but it's in the convo
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