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  1. I was marching Opti-Knights that year (1972)---almost everyone was doing "Jesus Christ Superstar" music!!---We where beating Crusaders at the start of the year--then they gained on us in Canada--we thought maybe the judging was funky in Canada--we thought once we hit the US Open and different judges that we would be back on top---sadly we where mistaken---Etobicoke had actually worked their arses off and beat us fair and square. The thing you remember 40 years later!!! Used to love going to Marion, Ohio----great town--totally Drum Corps for that whole week!! You always knew in Canada who was drum corps by the US open shirts you saw. I still have my little imitation plastic (wood look-a-like) US open plaque.
  2. Keith I am not a common user of this forum but am sad to see you leave also. As in the above comment it is not hard to see why some people get discouraged with the general comments posted in response. I have read a lot of your comments and stories with much anticipation. I have always had one motto I tried to live up to in life "Treat people how you want to be treated" I really hope you reconsider as you are a huge contributor to the well being of this forum. Thanx
  3. Yes I remember intense rivialry between Del and Optimist and La Salle Cadets (being a French Corps never helped either!!--just sayin!!)---In 1975 when we went to Anahiem--we where the first Del guys down there--all our predescisors where Optimist guys--------also worth mentioning was Opti-Knight--Dutchmen rivialry--almost Guelph vs Kitchener in anything--roller skating clubs--hockey!!! I believe anything competition wise will have some factions of abrasivelness. It is human nature.
  4. Great reunion in Guelph for the Opti-Knights----great to see old faces and relive old adventures!!! And of course talk about the drum corps that we knew back in the day. Some where still marching in Scout House and had a show that day in New York. Lots of memrobilia and Paul Harrison actually on his own went out and made up Opti-Knight swag that was auctioned off at the reunion to get funds to start a new Jr Drum Corps in the area. ENJOY the pictures!! http://s378.photobucket.com/albums/oo222/WildWillyphoto/Travel/Opti-Knights%201973--Semperubisububi/Opti-Knight%20get%20togeather/
  5. This site seems pretty quiet---but I have some new scanned pictures!!! 1968 Opti-Knights (I think this one is already posted)(one double base and a set of timbali's) This one is new--the 1969 Opti-Knights (Note the double base drums--cut in half real base drums!!)--Heavy!!! This is the Canadian Jr. B Champion 1971 Guelph Opti-Knights The 1974 Guelph Opti-Knights Downtown Guelph after winning the 1971 Jr. B Championship. Our colour guard uptown Guelph 1971
  6. If the truth be known Guelph actually had 4 Canadian Championship Drum Corps. I have learned this from Ian Erb who is another Drum Corps fanatic from Opti-Knights. They where as follows: The Red Lions--(sponsored by the Red Chevron Club in Guelph)--Jr. B or standstill champs from the 60's Ajax Sea Cadet Corps--Jr. B standstill champs in the 60's Opti-Knights Drum Corps--1971 Jr. B M&M champions Royalaires--Several time Canadian Senior Corps Champs Amazing little trivia bits you find out along the way!!
  7. Hi Linda----yes both Peter and Paul marched Opti-Knights----one crew kinda took off for Toronto Optimists (Peter and Paul McCusker, Ed Martin)--and one crew kinda took off for Del (Mark and Glen Bailey, Niko Vanderslus, Archie O'Connor, John Astins) in 1972. After 1972 most everyone that left Opti-Knights went to Del as did a lot of Toronto Optimist. It all kind of inter collapsed upon it self. With escalating costs the corps could not mantain themselves anymore---and people just kept moving to the remaining corps that had both financial equipment available.
  8. Wow where to start on this topic. I was in Ajax sea Cadets back in 1971--watched Opti-Knights win the 1971 Jr. B Canadian Championship----left Ajax in the fall of 72 to march Opti-Knights in 73--along with 3 other drummers and 4 horn players which almost totally collapsed Ajax as a Drum Corp. Marched 72 Opti-knights to second in CDCA finals---all of a sudden most of the Opti-Knights where either leaving for De La Salle or Toronto Optimist---73 I started to march Del--but had some issues at home and moved to Listowel---back marching Opti-knights for the remainder of 73--73. In 74 we saw a huge influx of corps people to Toronto Optimist and Del. Which almost totally collapsed the Opti-knight organization. 1974 saw a lot of traditional Toronto Optimist members (bitter rivalries thoughtout the 60-70's) move to Del--which crippled the Toronto Optimist who then a year later merged with Scarborough Firefighters to become Senca Optimist. Del a year later also merged with the Etobicoke Crusaders. There where at the time lots of bickering between the corps about stolen members etc--I am sure a very similar story in the US of A. I remember my younger sister who marched Opti-Knight in 74 was not allowed to come see or talk to me (marching Del) at the US open for fear of reprisal from the corps at the time--SAD. So the fall of 1974 comes along and myself, Bob Ferris and Chris Taylor decide to bus down to Anaheim and join the Kingsmen. So we quit our jobs , cashed in our life savings and headed to Kmen. We arrived in Califonia in October of 1974. Al Murray and Johnny Flores had an apartment at the corner of Knot and Ball. So we bails in there to assume life in California. Met lots of great people there--Tom Float, Brenda Marksam, Denise Berg, Greg Wilson. We went to practice and I remember dressing in uniform to do a show for Chrysler--as rumour had it we would be applying for sponsorship as the "Chrysler Kingsmen" We went to practice every week till late January. We where aware that Don Wells was losing his house---imagine putting your house on the line for a drum corps--weather it was all corps related--who knows. Late January the writing was on the wall for the Kingsmen---myself , Robert and Chris--flew back to Canada. Myself and Robert never marched again. Chris Taylor went on to become a great quad player with Crusaders and then the Guelph Royalaires. So in retrospect I was in Canadian Drum Corps at the start of the end. It was a great activity--saw lots of the country as most parents used the corps as a babysitting service for their out of control kids that needed something to do in the summer. Sorry for the long winded rant---"but I am just say'n!!"
  9. As a side note---we are having a "Get togeather of Friends"---I hate the word reunion of the Guelph Opti-Knights on July 28/2012. It is being held at the Guelph and District Shrine Club at 15 Cork Street in downtown Guelph, Ontario, Canada--Cost will be $5/person to off set hall and light snack costs. I was asked to throw something togeather this summer---it is now thown togeather. We hope to have lots of corps memrobilia on display--EJ has even found an old tunic!! So this is just another vehicle to get the message out there!!!
  10. I was a member of this site way--way back in the day---EJ good to see you--I have been about 4 days just catching up on the old Corps pictures etc on this page. Lindap--I see you where with Alberta All Girls---I lived in Anahiem with Al Murray and Johnny Flores--a lot of the Kmen hung in that apartment--Corner of Knot and Ball. Tom Float, Brenda Marksam, Sue Mazdia and Lenny---I have posted pictures from some of the parties on the Kingsmen site years ago. I may have to dig them out---I met up with Al Murray 3 years ago in Bloomington when he was still flogging drums for Dynasty--I was working up in Kokomo, Indiana--drove down to see him. Its been a long time--Al hadn't changed much. Saw Barry Wood with the Dutchboy--couple of other faces around. I have some shots of Anaheim drum line right before the collapse in 1975--I will have to post them. Good talking to you. If you are on Facebook---drop in to see our site Opti-Knights Drum Corps---Bruce Witmer was one of our electricians at Budd in Kitchener and former Dutchman---so we got to relive history quite a bit at work for 10 years or so. Bruce and his wife Wendy (Tudhope) from St. John's girls are both playing Euphonium with Preston Scout House Alumni Corps. Wow been 35 years since I last put foot on the field!! This site has some great memories--I remember going down to Hamilton to see Blue Rock--I was so blown away by them and their show (I still catch myself singing "Baby Eleaphant Walk" all the time--amazing what you remember. Anyway--I have talked long enough. Thnx for listening.
  11. I think way back I was signed on to this site. I marched RCSCC Ajax back in 1969-71, then Opti-Knights 71-73, Del in 74 then moved to Anahiem in fall of 74 till January of 75 (corps folded) I have started a site on FB for the Opti-Knights and want to historically share to this site---man it takes about 3 days to sift thru this pictorial section--but time well spent. I have accumulated some Opti-knight pictures that I shall post here and again. This would have been US Open 1973 Our Tymp line 1972 Drumline 1972--Larry Darch wrote most of our scores that year. Hope to post more pictures soon. Willy Oliver