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  1. I live around Miami, so the closest DCI show is in Orlando, and there are NO places that marching brass around here :/
  2. What I do like about my dirt cheap $200 EF Durand is that it's modeled after a King (1120?), so I would prefer a bigger and more sturdy build. An help with that?
  3. I've been looking into getting a new mellophone (my first is from some company called E.F. Durand), and I'm not sure of what I want. What's best? Dynasty, Jupiter Quantum, Yamaha, King, Kanstul, or what?
  4. I couldn't find any mellophone players from Suncoast Sound in my area, and I don't know if I would have the time to march in TB Thunder since I'll be taking online classes over the summer, and be busy with band camp. I am still looking for a mellophone player with drum corps experience, but I'm not sure where to look
  5. I believe I'm going to march in Teal Sound for the 2013 season since it's close by and I have feeling that the corps will grow a lot more. Sooner or later, join either Spirit of Atlanta or The Boston Crusaders, and eventually (hopefully) join Phantom Regiment.
  6. Down in here in Florida: Tarpon Springs, West Broward, and Flanagan are very well. EVERYBODY in my area raves about Charles W. Flanagan Falcon Sound :P Compared to DCI, not a chance IMO
  7. Hola! I'm a mellophone player in Pembroke Pines, Florida (Southern Florida). I remember watching DCI when I joined my school's marching band, and being completely blown away. Some of my favorite corps include Spirit of Atlanta, The Academy, Spartans, SCV, and Phantom Regiment. I'm still wondering what corps would be best for me (i'm 14 and a freshman in high school), and what I can do to be a stronger player. Any suggestions?