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  1. Around 5-6pm in mid summer, the majority of the home side is shaded. The 400 level is very tall and casts a big shadow over the rest of the stands. The field truly is brutal mid-afternoon though. Definitely wouldn't be a great place for an all day contest but a smaller one starting around 5 or 6 would be great.
  2. Georgia State University bought Turner Field and just finished phase one of converting it to a football stadium with brand new FieldTurf. For a drum corps show, this stadium could easily hold 12-15k in good viewing locations for the front of the field. Listed phase one capacity is 25k but that doesn't include the upper deck seats. Actual physical capacity right now is in the neighborhood of 35k, 40k if you include the "orphaned" upper and mid deck seats behind the visitors sideline. The picture below shows the lower and middle bowls. The stadium has nearly 50 premium suites (about ha
  3. Euphony corps return for DCPI Season 27! --- Corps Name: Euphony Empire Corps Location: Atlanta, GA Class: World --- Corps Name: Euphony Vanguard Corps Location: Atlanta, GA Class: Open --- Corps Name: Euphony Cadets Corps Location: Atlanta, GA Class: A
  4. Euphony corps return for season 27! Corps name: Euphony Empire Director: Jothcra Division: World Class Hometown: Atlanta, GA Corps name: Euphony Vanguard Director: Jothcra Division: Open Class Hometown: Atlanta, GA Corps name: Euphony Cadets Director: Jothcra Division: A Class Hometown: Atlanta, GA
  5. The Atlanta show featured 27 corps and 7 soundsport teams this past year. That many people marching on a really nicely maintained grass field (in Bobby Dodd Stadium at GT) only a month before the start of college football seems like a BIG stretch to me. The parking situation in midtown has also changed significantly since 1984. There is very, very, very little room for truck parking/staging around BDS now, and even less parking for spectators. There would have to be a significant reworking of the schedule or slate of performing corps to accommodate the event there. If MBS isn't done, I could
  6. Yes, Alliance and Quest share equipment, staff, and other resources. Their percussion is ALWAYS excellent.
  7. Tonight's show featured the Southern Knights (Birmingham AL), Cincinnati Tradition (Cincinnati OH), ALLIANCE (Atlanta, GA), and Atlanta CV (Atlanta GA). Hiram High School is a nice venue for a drum corps show with excellent artificial turf field, good lighting, and a decent amount of seating with good elevation. With a smaller slate of corps than usual, I wasn't expecting that great of a turnout but a good amount of fans showed up and cheered enthusiastically for every corps. Up first: Southern Knights (20 brass, 10 battery, 7 pit, 4 guard, 1DM) presenting their 2016 program "Quest For The
  8. To my knowledge, many DCA corps are also DCI associate members. Alliance, Atlanta CV, and Carolina Gold all compete at the DCI Southeastern regional in Atlanta every year. I'm sure there are others in the north that do this as well. Corps doing this have to pass a DCI evaluation similar to emerging corps and compete using DCA judging sheets that are filled out by the event's DCI judges. It sometimes leads to some interesting (read: hilariously low) scores because the judges sometimes don't understand the DCA sheets and the differences in judging criteria.
  9. I believe Atlanta CV is still looking to sell their 2014 Dynasty battery (9/5/5). Email
  10. Hey folks, here's a quick and dirty review of my opinions from the action in Rockmart, Georgia tonight. I took several pictures but unfortunately the lighting played games with my phone's camera and most of them were bad. I've included a couple that were usable. Atlanta CV Alumni Ensemble (exhibition): Atlanta, GA - 9 brass, 1 conductor Brand new this year, the CV Alumni Ensemble consists of several early CV alumni who have kept up their playing. They presented the national anthem at tonight's show. There was talk floating around CV of starting an alumni corps and I believe this is the fir
  11. The scores for these 3 corps at DCI Atlanta were (in my opinion) unfairly low. This show places them in a much better and more accurate position within the DCA standings. Now that I'm home, I can sit down and compose my thoughts. Here's some more detailed reviews. If I had a solid idea of numbers, I gave them to you but I didn't go out of my way to get exact counts: Exhibition: Southern Knights - Birmingham, Alabama (1 conductor, 13 horns, 3 perc) Brand new this year, Southern Knights is the brainchild of John Hoekstra, who many of you will remember as a featured soloist with Atlanta CV for
  12. Class A ALLIANCE 72.55 Open Class Gold 76.5 Atlanta CV 80.7 Edit to fix scores. I jotted them down as they were announced and made a few errors.
  13. Southern Knights came out at 13 horns, Carolina Gold was either 29 or 30, Atlanta CV had approximately 50 (more members came on field towards the end of the show, I know they had several new members come in within the past month or so), and Alliance fielded somewhere in the neighborhood of 24 or 25 horns tonight. I know they're still looking for a few high brass players.
  14. Alliance closes out DCA Woodstock with a good run of their 2015 production. The guard is the highlight of the corps this year, although the brass and percussion both have some very strong moments. Brass blend is very good in powerful hits, and percussion have a tasty drum feature in the middle of the production as well.
  15. Atlanta CV with a great improvement over last weekend's DCI Atlanta run. Great moments all around with some wonderful solos, tasty percussion work, and a callback to lots of "eyeconic" drum corps moments.