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  1. 3,000 people died in 9/11 attack out of 300,000,000 Americans. 1 out of 300,000. Does that make the attack any less tragic? The bigger point I'm trying to make is just because something is statistically insignificant doesn't mean it is insignificant.
  2. So is 3,000 dead people a lot or a little? Just trying to get a sense of what counts as tragic to you.
  3. Head scratcher. SCV wins an Ott for the first time in 30ish years and then cleans house two seasons later? I just hope the guys coming in are worthy. Was Shaw asked to leave? Or did he move on his own accord? Was SCV getting rid of him because of the #metoo allegations?
  4. I totally understand that losing Shaw is a big deal but I’m wondering more about these VanDorens. I only know that the dude was on Crown’s brass staff. Is he well known and well regarded? Would like to know more...
  5. Guess I’m not in the know... but is this a good thing for SCV?
  6. Yeah— no one dared to say this in the finals thread but #### did I think it.
  7. Agreed. I was feeling very confident for SCV to repeat this season, given their utter dominance last year over BD but here we are...
  8. Guys, consider this: instead of blaming inconsistent judging on bias or bad numbers management or a broken system, couldn’t the inconsistency indicate how good the top 6 are relative to each other and the judges’ inability to differentiate the talent and design among the corps?
  9. Congrats SCV on the bronze. Can’t help but feel that the design limited the corps, especially given the off-the-charts talent that they had this year. I can only hope that the design team next year can come up with something fresh yet coherent.
  10. So happy for SCV! After becoming a fan in 1999 and seeing them in 4th place (and sometimes worst) for soooo long since then, it’s nice to see that they’ve medaled the past 3 years. Can’t wait for 2020! Looking at their age out numbers in percussion, seems like a five-peat in percussion isn’t out of the question!
  11. The smaller circular tarps that surrounded the Big One were on field. Framed the middle of the field rather neatly. I MUCH prefer it.
  12. SCV’s giant tarp is gone and they look infinitely cleaner. Hopefully their visual score improves because of it.