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  1. Heh, Phantom and BD have pretty different styles of playing. ^ crown has a really great hornline, I've always liked their tone a lot
  2. The switch to Bb/F horns happened in 2000. According to , the cadets and BD were the first 2 corps to switch away from G. The last corps to switch to Bb/F was the Racine Scouts, and they marched their season away form G bugles in 2011, according to I'm not sure why DCI made the shift, but a big part of it was about evolving the activity and making it on the same page and more available for everybody to participate in. This way I can bring my B flat trumpet to a camp and play that, instead of getting used to a new instrument (same basic concept, sure, but they handle differently from what I've heard). I don't know much more than this, sorry.
  3. Bluecoats have great openers, and have a really electric tone and aura about them. You can feel however you want about them though. Personally if I lived closer to Canton, I'd audition myself.
  4. I really hope they do well this year. Such an amazing corps, I'm probably going to audition myself in the fall. I kinda wish they would bring back some red in their uniforms, though. Whatever, that's just my opinion. Their uniforms still look awesome.