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  1. CaDevil

    Show About Time...

    Western Carolina had a pretty cool show about time this past year (you can find it on YouTube), that might give you some ideas. Maybe songs such as "Time After Time" (Cyndi Lauper), "The Best of Times" (STYX), "Too Much Time on My Hands" (STYX), "Final Countdown" (Europe), "Clocks" (Coldplay), "Time in a Bottle" (Jim Croce), "Time" (Pink Floyd), "Time Stand Still" (Rush), "Out of Time" (The Rolling Stones). This is an interesting concept, and I think if done well it could be really fun.
  2. I know I don't post a lot, but I do read, laugh, and argue with the the screen. But I have a question...when watching some shows online recently I happened upon a video titled, "The Mark Thurston Lick," and each year that it is presented int he drumline sounds a bit different. Does anyone know the exact notation for the lick?
  3. Whichever one would sit be me on a long bus ride.......
  4. I'd hate to be that bad in general effect and only win that many titles.
  5. CaDevil

    Academy on NBC Right Now

    Always great to get positive exposure like this rather than scandals at places like Ohio State or Florida A&M.
  6. CaDevil

    2014 Predictions!

    Have to agree that Boston did improve a tremendous amount as well.
  7. CaDevil

    Memorable Moments

    Setting off car alarms in the lot was always fun.
  8. CaDevil

    Show Revivals

    A combination of Los Suerte de los Tontos (BD '92) Maleguena (either Madison '88 or Cadets '03) Malaga (Madison '95)
  9. CaDevil

    Drum Corps & Food

    The Scouts could be buffalo wings. Hot and spicy!
  10. CaDevil

    Crossmen 2013

    Hoping they keep along the same lines musically this summer.
  11. CaDevil

    Proud of Your Corps

  12. CaDevil

    Shows we will never see

    I just about choked when I read this!!!!:spitting:/>
  13. CaDevil

    2012 WC drums

    Anyone remember the 1998 Crossmen drums that looked like bowling balls? Those were awesome.
  14. CaDevil

    Top 10 Percussion Moments

    yes, yes, and yes!!!
  15. ...and in the chow line... ...and in the shower... ...and in sectionals...