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  1. MelloHorn13

    DCPI Season 27 - Sign-up List

    Corps name: Fleur de Los Director: B.L. Bonslater Division: world Hometown: chicago, il Corps name: Chicago Enforcers Director: Bonslater Division: Open Hometown: Chicago Corps name: Chicago Sound Director: Bonslater Division: class a Hometown: chicago
  2. MelloHorn13

    Govenaires 2015 Show Announcement Check out the source music for Govies 2015 show
  3. MelloHorn13

    Favorite Moments of Finals

    Not being able to NOT watch Carolina Gold's Colorguard. Well staged, Well choreographed and well performed. Watching Bushwackers from the back. Impressed. Playing the opening statement with Govies and realizing there are only 12 of us producing such a big sound.
  4. MelloHorn13

    Season 21 Discussion Thread

    Good thing Fleur de Lis isn't new to this ;-)
  5. MelloHorn13

    Tampa Bay Thunder moving back to DCI

    Boston Crusaders seem to be doing well in Florida.
  6. Fleur de Lis, Chicago Enforcers and Chicago Sound out for this season, dont have time to redo captions. See you all next off season
  7. MelloHorn13

    Season 21 registration thread

    Did all my captions to the values that were listed a week ago. Now I have to redo them all. Hopefully I can find the time to sit down to adjust them or I'll have to sit out this season. Bummer.
  8. MelloHorn13

    Season 21 registration thread

    Corps name: Fleur de Lis Director: MelloHorn13 Division: World Class Hometown: Chicago, IL Corps name: Chicago Enforcers Director: MelloHorn13 Division: Open Class Hometown: Chicago, IL Corps name: Chicago Sound Director: MelloHorn13 Division: A Class Hometown: Chicago, IL
  9. MelloHorn13


    For the most part Govies hornline have about a 75-80% turnover consistently from year to year. In 2013, we had what was a huge rookie class (for us at least) of 6 in the hornline and 10 of 12 returning members from the 2012 season.
  10. Experienced something identical this winter. If you ever see anything associated with L.E.A.P., keep your kids away. Was stuck figuring how to get a group to WGI. We made it and the kids still talk about the event. Help them people
  11. MelloHorn13

    Yamaha YMT-2400 Marimba for Sale

    Can you send pictures to Thanks
  12. MelloHorn13


    In 1927, the original incarnation of the Govenaires Drum and Bugle corps formed in St. Peter, Minnesota. About 1,800 miles away during that same time, a small district outside of Los Angeles was just beginning its golden era. Many ventured out west for a different kind of fortune. In Hollywood, you didn’t just become famous. You became immortal. But making it to silver screen fame isn’t without its pitfalls... This summer, the Govenaires will perform their 2013 production: Chasing Hollywood The production begins with the "Prologue" from Cy Coleman’s City of Angels, a fast-paced number that sends you through the rat-race of trying to "make it". Once you see your name on the marquee and witness everyone clamoring for your attention, it’s hard not to live it "Sparkling Diamonds" from the movie musical Moulin Rouge celebrates the rewards of fame. But the Hollywood high-life can get ugly fast. Musical moments from the classic film Sunset Boulevard show how nasty a tinsel-town downfall can get. Fame takes its toll, and can lead to loneliness and disappointment. The show transitions into one of the most gorgeous ballads that a drum corps can play: "Send in the Clowns" by Stephen Sondheim. The final act in a Govenaires show, however, always ends big and loud. The corps closes with "Don’t Rain on my Parade" from the musical Funny Girl. This summer, the Govenaires will bring plenty of drama. Just remember to bring popcorn. If you’re interested in becoming a Govenaire, there are openings in every section. The next rehearsal dates are Feb. 16 and 17 at St. Peter High School. Saturday rehearsal runs 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Sunday rehearsal goes from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
  13. MelloHorn13

    Windy City Legion

    Yes, I got the message. I'll send you a reply later today.
  14. MelloHorn13

    Windy City Legion

    We don't compete, but we have smaller ensembles. Currently a competitive indoor drumline, and a couple after school drumlines and colorguards. There is interest in continuing our brass ensemble. Private message me with your contact info and I can give you more details.
  15. MelloHorn13

    Govenaires kick-off 2013 season