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  1. Hey, soooo sorry for being a noob but I have zero idea how to do this. So I'm marching with one of the new Sound Sport teams, and we are marching on G Bugles. I'm a euphonium player by heart but I've always wanted to march contra/tuba so how does the fingering chart go? And I also am curious if you have a concert B flat on a B flat horn like a euphonium, then the G pitch on a G bugle on the staff, is it the G below or above the B flat . . . The Bb I am speaking of, is if you're reading in Bass Cleff and its on the 2nd to last staffline down (I am so sorry if that made no sense . . . Which it probably did XP) So I'm not sure if they're going to be 2 or 3 valves so if anyone has a finger chart for both that'd be awesome. Thanks much!
  2. Dude... What's everybody's deal with George Hopkins. He seems like a pretty OK guy
  3. I have a Holton TR-600 F-Attachment Trombone that I would love to trade for a fairly good condition, used, Bb, Marching King, Jupiter, Yamaha, or Kanstul Euphonium. I'm not quite sure how to post pictures yet, but you can look it up on google images It is in awesome condition, I just have no more use to it as I want to focus on Euphonium and not Trombone I want a Marching Euphonium so I can work out the muscles that I need to try out next year and practice my music at the same time My E-Mail is Thanks
  4. So I have this weird dilemma where my band director gets my euphonium section brand new system blue instruments, and the mouthpiece it comes with is great... If you have the skill of a blue devil....... So, I'm asking people with higher knowledge than my own to help me find the perfect marching mouthpiece for this AMAZING horn
  5. Do you still have a 2V Euphonium or Baritone and what are the prices?
  6. Okay if you have so little imagination as to simply choose a year, I'll choose one for you... How about 2011 :]
  7. Who has a better hornline, Phantom or BD?