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  1. Ok, so I marched Sunrisers in the mid-80s and fenced in college (met my wife by defending her honor in a duel, no joke, and attended the Olympic team foil finals sitting at the judges table because my old coach somehow wrangled his way into being the head officiating dude for all the fencing competitions in the '96 games). It's a rare crossover, I'll admit, but still can happen!
  2. Madison Scots Sadly we'll never get to know what Scottish men wear under their kilts, if anything...
  3. I marched with the infamous Stan from Sunrisers in the 80s and for that reason alone this one cracked me the heck up! He was definitely from NY though!!!
  4. In an effort to insert some levity to this discussion I remember a MM in the corps I marched with wearing a Hitler world tour shirt. It had a picture of him doing his trademark salute on the front and "tour dates" on the back. You know, 1939 Poland, 1942 Moscow (cancelled of course). The last date was for The Bunker, May 1945. Entirely inappropriate, I know, but still kind of funny...
  5. Our son recently aged out from Scouts and I know they had 3-4 marching members from Japan. Not saying that justifies the expense of holding auditions there, but I'm pretty sure other corps are reaching out to potentials members there too.
  6. I loved BD's ballad this year and very much appreciated the Scouts' One Voice as well. Both were incredibly layered and moving (to this tin ear anyway).
  7. Any time someone uses this quote, correctly I might add, gets an immediate thumbs up from me.
  8. An understandable adjudication system that rewards execution (musical, marching, performance, etc.) instead of the hash that currently exists. Figure skating figured this out a while ago (e.g., if you fall you ain't winning that day) and I'm not really sure why drum corps can't (e.g., marchers out of step, different marching techniques used by marching members in the same corps, entrances missed, equipment dropped, etc.).
  9. Having sent tuition dollars to Madison and watched our son grow, mature, and perform the crap out of shows the last couple of years (before aging out) I can tell you I wish nothing but success for the new design team. If you thought it painful watching the shows the last couple of years try having your kid be one of the performers trying to make sense of the instruction given, the effort expended, and the lack of results (score-wise) earned. I saw a young man stare into the face of adversity and, instead of folding, grow artistically and do things in terms of playing, marching, and performing that weren't possible prior to getting with the Scouts. This is not an appeal to moral authority for my view of the upcoming season, because there is none for me any longer (if there ever was any). It is, instead, a fervent wish that this year's corps achieves the vision of the design team, gets rewarded with positive fan reaction/buzz, and keeps producing Men from Madison like our son.
  10. Agree. When telling us about camps and spring training our son always began and ended his story with "don't share this with anyone!" He's normally cautious with sharing private stuff anyway but his level of awareness around the secrecy involved was something else.
  11. Marched with a now-DCA judge and, I found out/remembered a few years back, Jeff Sacktig.
  12. Got mine when they named a drill hole "Rufus" and I filled it mid-season. The rest, they say, is history. Over my marching years there has also been Root Beer, Hey-Ray, Mr Nuts, and nicknames our entire 3rd baritone section which I can't repeat in polite company. Never prouder than when our son got his nickname marching DCA and carried it forward into DCI. I think it's agreed, however, that the best are assigned and not created by the MM.
  13. Not trying to be "that guy," and I get this is a Scouts thread, but is there the same level of interest in The Cavaliers adding females? I haven't noticed if there is and that leads me to wonder if the reason is because of the relative competitive success/failure of the two organizations. If going co-ed is good for one from a competitive standpoint why not good for the other? Don't have a dog in the fight with my kid aged-out of Scouts in the last couple of years, just curious about the difference in thought regarding the two organizations.