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  1. My favorite show of the night by far. The kids were fantastic!
  2. Rufus67

    2019 Madison Scouts!

    Agree. When telling us about camps and spring training our son always began and ended his story with "don't share this with anyone!" He's normally cautious with sharing private stuff anyway but his level of awareness around the secrecy involved was something else.
  3. Marched with a now-DCA judge and, I found out/remembered a few years back, Jeff Sacktig.
  4. Swing low, sweet chariot...
  5. Got mine when they named a drill hole "Rufus" and I filled it mid-season. The rest, they say, is history. Over my marching years there has also been Root Beer, Hey-Ray, Mr Nuts, and nicknames our entire 3rd baritone section which I can't repeat in polite company. Never prouder than when our son got his nickname marching DCA and carried it forward into DCI. I think it's agreed, however, that the best are assigned and not created by the MM.
  6. Rufus67

    2019 Madison Scouts!

    Not trying to be "that guy," and I get this is a Scouts thread, but is there the same level of interest in The Cavaliers adding females? I haven't noticed if there is and that leads me to wonder if the reason is because of the relative competitive success/failure of the two organizations. If going co-ed is good for one from a competitive standpoint why not good for the other? Don't have a dog in the fight with my kid aged-out of Scouts in the last couple of years, just curious about the difference in thought regarding the two organizations.
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    Wes Hobby Passes Away At Age 90

    That is wild and a small world then. When I went to Stamford HS I entered a Shakespeare monologue contest and went up against three of his kids from Westhill (and they kicked my butt). In the time I knew him I wasn't even aware he was into drum corps. How crazy is that!?!?
  8. Rufus67

    Wes Hobby Passes Away At Age 90

    Fran I'm sorry about Wes' passing. Do you know if he ever taught high school drama in Stamford, CT, specifically Westhill HS? I think my wife and I did a show with him in Westport in the early 90s but just not positive it's him or not.
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    Tarpon Springs - Digital Screens

    Shiny plastic rules!!!
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    Looking For Some Advice

    What Jim said. Our son marched two years with a DCA corps (after not making a local DCI corps), learned what this drum corps thing was about, then took it on the road the next three years with DCI corps. He's a driven kid anyway, but he definitely used his time in DCA to hone his skills in listening to feedback from techs, practicing what they gave him to work on, and making sure it showed up during competitions. All of those things got him to the point where he was able to march with his dream corps in DCI.
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    Best Reprise Closer?

    Cadets 87. Reprise the melody while playing backfield and the drill puts them into position to march off the field like a boss after the last note fades.
  12. With credit (apologies?) to Dos Gringos' song "Back in the LPA" (link below) here's my take as it applies to DCI. Feel free to add/edit/delete. I’m just an old age-out viz tech Whose tan line is still taking hold And I have ideas for great visuals In the end I teach what I’m told And the cap head he will be a calling And there is no chance I can stay So I’ll bid you adieu And wish I was you Marchin’ and gettin’ to play Singing Aye Aye Aye The good times had I Marchin’ and gettin’ to play I’m just an old worn out cap head I can’t count all the places I’ve taught But I can still tell a good story Though their truth is really for naught Now the sun in my eyes it is fading And there is no chance I can stay So I’ll bid you adieu And wish I was you Marchin’ and gettin’ to play Singing Aye Aye Aye The good times had I Marchin’ and gettin’ to play I’m just an old corps director Who’s stories are too old to share Most of them I have forgotten From the 10 years in a folding lawn chair Now the Board they will be a calling And there is no chance I can stay So I’ll bid you adieu And wish I was you Marchin’ and gettin’ to play Singing Aye Aye Aye The good times had I Marchin’ and gettin’ to play Singing Aye Aye Aye I wish that I Was marchin’ and gettin’ to play
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    2019 Madison Scouts!

    This is the sad/current/whatever reality of competitive DCI today. You have to play the game DCI and the judges during the season dictate. Scouts don't have the luxury of driving innovation like Bluecoats, Blue Devils, Crown, etc. and instead have to be the best of the "me toos" in order to break back into the top 12. Mind you, I'm not saying this is a good or bad thing, just a thing. Until and unless adjudication in DCI gets overhauled Scouts, and other non-top 7 corps, are going to be making crap-shoot decisions regarding show design each year and hoping it resonates with judges.
  14. Don't know but maybe? In any case, at least corps would know going into the season where they stand via other corps in terms of show design and musical book. Then it would be a true test of executing a lower degree show or shooting for the moon and executing. Bringing it back to musical arts, all-state tryouts do this kind of thing all the time. Each musician is given the same piece of music (degree of difficulty established) and then evaluated anonymously against how well they perform against the standard (at least in our state where the judges are behind screens so the performers don't even see them).
  15. Have corps submit both drill/visual design and music book prior to the season to have it graded by panel for degree of difficulty. Then during the season have the judges evaluate performances based off the established degree (i.e., they'd have the design and book prior to the show, know what's coming, and evaluate execution of it). Updates during the season would be submitted, degree of difficulty re-established and communicated to judges, then incorporated into the sheets. Judges would also send their comments on execution forward to next judging slate so they could determine if noted problems get fixed.
  16. Rufus67

    Madison Scouts 2018

    Well, I expected this kind of reaction this morning from the Negative Nancies and got it. You all have a nice rest of the season as I'm done reading the vomitous bile you see fit to spew here on the DCP boards. I'll simply leave you with a couple of questions: Has your complaining changed anything with the Scouts now or in the past? Does complaining make you feel any better? Do you think your complaining makes any reader feel better or more informed? If you answered "No" to any of those questions I'd suggest you turn the mirror on yourself rather than the current administration, show designers, instructional staff, or marching members. I'm not talking about your "right" to complain, mind you, simply the efficacy of it. Good day to you all and hope you find some peace. “What you’re supposed to do when you don’t like a thing is change it. If you can’t change it, change the way you think about it. Don’t complain.” ― Maya Angelou
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    Madison Scouts 2018

    Always with the negative waves Moriarty...
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    Couchmen 2018 Show Announcement

    This announcement has me so excited I almost couldn't take my morning nap!
  19. That's the thing that gets me the most about the activity (a mix of art/athleticism). Take figure skating - everyone knows if a performer falls during a routine they're not winning that day (unless other competitors fall more). During a drum corps performance where you see marchers out of step, using different marching styles, etc., and yet see them score higher in visual than other corps, it doesn't instill a lot of faith in the system (i.e., doesn't pass the eye test).
  20. Couple of steps: Define what "visual" caption means, specifically what's being evaluated and how by the judges (beyond the flowery language that explains each caption - give specifics regarding why one corp's visual is rated higher than another's) Make sure judges are evaluating based on what they see and not what they want to see (peer reviews, training, testing out, etc.) Make transparent their ratings and notes to keep them honest and inform the paying public Give up on the first three ever happening and just enjoy the shows - it'll never be defined and adjudicated to everyone's (anyone's?) satisfaction
  21. Had mine removed during the week while marching DCA and went to rehearsal the following weekend. Remember laying low (informed brass staff what was going on and why) during the day's rehearsal then, like the dumb-a$$ I was, got into the horn arc and thought "I'm feeling ok - let's try this triple forte chord!" Once done brought the horn down and saw blood in the mouthpiece. Yuck! Thankfully that kind of thing didn't linger long and am pretty sure I was able to play during that weekend's performance. Definitely not worth pushing this early in the season.
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    The future of the Cadets

    Your point is well taken. I was on the first flight out of San Diego on the 14th traveling to Atlanta. I remember three things: The captain went down the aisle and eyeballed every single passenger on the plane before we pushed back from the gate. When they passed out the plastic silverware for the meal all the knives had been removed. As a group we were ready, willing, and eager to defend the plane if anyone tried anything. The Cadets will be just fine and, dare I say, should be able to grow out of mess that was GH quite nicely.
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    YEA board resigns

    Thank goodness. Healing thoughts to all affected.
  24. Ok, you win the internet today. The rest of us can stop trying now...
  25. Not that my voice counts for a lot but, as a parent who's sent tuition dollars to the Scouts and volunteered time with them, I'm very glad to see them make this move.