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  1. Thank you 84BDsop & TRacer. You two have made this 1984 thread the best of all the year threads because of your incredible insight.
  2. Great post 84BDSop - and I learned a few tidbits from you too.
  3. ScoJo was on with Aungst and a few others in a percussion one a few weeks ago.
  4. I might be in the minority but I thought BD should have topped SCV for 2nd with Madison a little closer to the top 3. Something like: 98.1 Cadets 97.3 BD 97.1 SCV 96.2 Madison No biggie though. I just loved 85 BD and the rest of the top 4.
  5. That stroganoff might have given them that extra tenth of a point that they needed. 😉 Kidding. Kidding. Great story though.
  6. Very cool 84BD. Thanks for sharing. I cracked up when she said “MAJOR CIRCUS VIBES!”
  7. Standing ovation for the Kansas City Star!
  8. A couple of no namers were there in 91 - Paul Rennick & Fred Sanford. 92 & 93 were arranged by some guy named Dave Glyde.