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  1. Thank you 84BDsop & TRacer. You two have made this 1984 thread the best of all the year threads because of your incredible insight.
  2. Great post 84BDSop - and I learned a few tidbits from you too.
  3. ScoJo was on with Aungst and a few others in a percussion one a few weeks ago.
  4. I might be in the minority but I thought BD should have topped SCV for 2nd with Madison a little closer to the top 3. Something like: 98.1 Cadets 97.3 BD 97.1 SCV 96.2 Madison No biggie though. I just loved 85 BD and the rest of the top 4.
  5. That stroganoff might have given them that extra tenth of a point that they needed. 😉 Kidding. Kidding. Great story though.
  6. Very cool 84BD. Thanks for sharing. I cracked up when she said “MAJOR CIRCUS VIBES!”
  7. Standing ovation for the Kansas City Star!
  8. A couple of no namers were there in 91 - Paul Rennick & Fred Sanford. 92 & 93 were arranged by some guy named Dave Glyde.
  9. My friend who has 2020 just reminded me of our wager in 2012. Come on BD hold off for one more year before the big 2-0. The ones with 2023 and 2024 have no shot. There's no way BD doesn't win at least once in the next 3 years.