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  1. Yeah this is kind of a pointless thread but I really want to see if it's a 50/50 divide. Vote for which corps you are rooting to pull it out in the end (not necessarily honks, but just so everyone can participate)
  2. This makes last night a thing of the past. CMFC you guys got this!!!!!
  3. Percussion, and Visual (specifically performance and ensemble). More than enough room for improvement. In all technicality Blue Devils should be close to peaked (even though their scores won't display that) and Crown has much more in the tank due to growing room.
  4. Want to give me the winning lottery numbers as well? In all seriousness I see what you're saying but in all honesty this is a spread that can be overcome in 2 weeks. It's possible but it's an uphill battle from here.
  5. 1. Crown 2. SCV 3. Phantom 4. Bloo 5. Scouts 6. BAC 7. Cavaliers 8. Cadets 9. Spirit 10. BD 11. Crossmen 12. BK
  6. Crown hasn't been that low in percussion this season until Atlanta I'm pretty sure. This season they have pretty much averaged 5th in percussion...which you CAN win with.
  7. Phantom was down 1.15 to BD in Atlanta 2008 (same spread as last night between Crown and BD) so I don't see why it couldn't happen again this year. I'm not calling it over unless I see the spread increase over the next competitions.
  8. Yeah but I think they only lost to BD by like .7. If you're referring to this years top 4 winning on a given year I'd probably have to disagree but only with the Cadets.
  9. Ooh I just found out Phantom was actually in 3rd at Atlanta in 2008. Man any of the top 3 shows that year could have won any other given year.
  10. I'm done arguing because I really don't have the time or energy to keep going at it.
  11. Oh definitely, I agree. But Crowns entire opener is difficult, no?
  12. Get your head out of the sand. How about post a clip of Blue Devils doing something tough in your book and I'll post something of Crown doing something tough in my book. I bet if we did a poll on it yours would be in the minority.
  13. The only thing I want to state right now is that my knowledge on percussion and guard is minimal at best. That being said, what else would determine difficulty? Playing loud volumes in tune and jazz running...does it get much harder? And if so are the Blue Devils doing it? No.