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  1. Only to appease my OCD... the chevron, is the white separate from the black? Meaning, is the white part overlayed on the black piece? Comparing the black chevron lines on the left/right - they don't appear to be the same width. Or the white ones are off. And lastly... guard shoes - hope these are simply practice and we'll see black in the near future? Meniscal points... just curious.
  2. I like the new digs, but that guard... in the outdoor heat of summer... tough.
  3. Giving props where it's deserved... incredibly impressed with the audio. Video does need work - but definitely heads above where they (FloMarching) were last year.
  4. I love the violet and grey - nice combo - they just look so frumpy. Perhaps they aren't tailored yet?
  5. There have been plenty of warning posts - if you proceed with a subscription - zero complaining.
  6. Agree, there are some restrictions on drones, but none that are privacy-related. A situation where technology advances far quicker than laws can get through Congress. NOTE: A quick google search shows that FAA safety restrictions on drones is that they cannot be flown below 400ft, over groups of people, or over stadiums.
  7. "Not if you can see in from a public area" - disagree. If I was in my backyard, surrounded by a privacy fence, skinny dipping in my pool, I would have a reasonable expectation of privacy. (Sorry to put that image out there... not a sight anyone should have to see.). "Football field with 200 other people" - likely to agree. Not much privacy that someone could expect.