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  1. SCV Design Team returns for 2019!
  2. SCV Design Team returns for 2019!
  3. Well, if you can’t beat them... take what you can!
  4. Same statement from Vanguard about Vanguard Cadets ...verbatim!,
  5. Not necessarily an Open Class only forum discussion but now that Both BDB and SCVC will not be returning to DCI in 2019, is this a sigh of relief for the lower tier WC corps? These past few years both these corps have unseated a few WC corps and knocked on a few doors . I think both of these corps have pushed WC to step up their level of shows as not to be bested by a B / Cadet corps. Thoughts?
  6. SCVC 75.20 Gold. 70.65 Louisiana Stars 65.70 Southwind. 63.20 River City. 60.050
  7. Order of Appearance : River City Regiment Southwind Gold Louisiana Stars Vanguard Cadets
  8. 1. SCVC : 72.70 2. Gold : 67.70 3. The Battalion : 65.80 4. Watchmen : 58.90 5. Impulse : 57.60
  9. Scores: 1 SCVC : 71.350 2 BDB : 69.350 3 Gold : 65.100
  10. Wow! The spread between SCVC and BDB opened up from the previous night. Anybody at both shows who can speak to this? Very curious if BDB had an off show on the 15th or are the judges really digging SCVC? 14th SCVC 66.05 to BDB 65.10 (.95 spread) 15th SCVC 67.75 to BDB 66.15 (1.60 spread)
  11. SCVC 67.75 BDB 66.15 Gold 62.55 Golden Empire 58.85 Vessel 56.00 Impulse 53.05 Watchmen 51.95 BDC. 47.15 Incognito 45.40
  12. Way to Vanguard Cadets staying ahead of the Troopers!!! Congrats Mandarins for a fantastic season and great job BDB for keeping NorCal in the top 20
  13. Nope... this isn't MCs first time to Championships. They know the protocol, as it was reminded to ALL directors the night before at the directors meeting. I know because you can here the meeting from the stands. After scores are announced and corps dismissed they have the opportunity to embrace and take photos. Once the announcement is made to clear the field, that is when the winning corps gets to take a personal moment on the field alone for photos and on a rare occasion play, depending on the corps. MC knew exactly what they were doing. SCVC was waiting for MC to leave..but they never did.