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  1. The BD app works great and I use it regularly. If there was one for all of DCI I would be on it constantly!
  2. So I'm having problems with my fan network account in general this year but I was curious if anyone knew if DCI was working on an App? If done well it could be a one stop app for all your DCI needs right on your smart phone. Seems like they would have made one by now.
  3. 1. Madison 2. SCV 3. Troopers 4. Bloo 5. Madison/SCV again
  4. There is a lot of truth to the fact that some people just don't like BD or care for their shows as of late but honestly, Crowns show this year is very BDisk. They are pulling many of the stunts that people hated on BD for pulling. People can boo if they want to but it just shows how classless they are and that they do not recognize or appreciate talent. For while I'm not a huge fan of BD this year or the last couple years, they are still one of the most talented and well executing corps in the world. You don't have to like them but you need to learn to respect them. Side note...that crown show looks just like and sounds just like a BD show. Of course with some Crown flair but concept would be right in BD's wheel house right now.
  5. I hate to admit this but I am part of a generation of wimps. Grow a pair and take ridicule and correction and keep your mouth shut and do the punishment and most of all..learn from your mistakes. Stop complaining and do what you're suppose to, when your suppose to.
  6. My thoughts from the show last night. Cleanest Performance: Cadets (only because crowns percussion line is AWFUL in comparison. Hate it for the the guard and horn lines) Most Shocking: Troopers ( I really enjoyed their show. Much better live then on video.) Most Disappointing: Crown's percussion...nothing more to add. Most Annoying: Spirit (They have maybe the best lead in the field this year and he did a great job but the 12 minutes of piano is just too much) Best Performance: Scouts (By far and away the best show of the night.)
  7. Madison's horn line is twice as good as Cavies but then again there are few times I've been impressed by Cavie horn lines. They are(were) about the visuals and Madison has always been about sound texture and volume, which I personally enjoy much.
  8. I'l hold my judgement till later in the season. I"m glad they are attempting a fun show even though I was hoping for something modern. Either way I'm excited to see them progress throughout the season. They will be fine at the end.
  9. I just watched the madison show for the first time and they manage to make me teary eyed everytime. Especially playing you'll never walk alone...man. Plus their mello section is stout. Loved the show but what's new.
  10. I just watched the madison show for the first time and they manage to make me teary eyed everytime. Especially playing you'll never walk alone...man. Plus their mello section is stout. Loved the show but what's new.
  11. Anyone know If Madison is going to be using their app this season.
  12. They have to make money somehow and Finals is a good thing to hold out on. I don't pay to view finals or the DVDs simply because I don't have the money but I do get the live every year and I always find that by the end of the year I really got every penny I paid for out of it.
  13. As much as I love BD. I have to agree. Get back to entertainment and stop being such a niche corps which is really what they have made themselves to the younger generation.
  14. I'm sure surf would love to be much cleaner. No one wants to be dirty. But more important the cleanliness or dirtiness, they had fun and so did the crowd. Entertain me. That's why I pay to experience. Speaking of experience, I love how Surf made the crowd part of the experience and recognized the importance of the crowd versus other shows that eliminate the crowd all together for the mere sake of cleanliness. Entertain. That's all i'm asking for. Stop worrying so much about the judging sheets and just entertain and play the freaking horns. Ok...my rant is over!