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  1. Bless you for really wanting to get at the truth. I responded to your PM with names and details. It makes me sick that people just joke about a perfectly fine corps going down. That's social media for you. Just make fun of things. Until it hits you directly, there is no risk. I haven't been able to come on here since posting several days ago because to see OC's good name dragged through the mud makes me physically ill. No corps is perfect. They make mistakes. This was a tough year for drum corps. But OC is getting hosed so bad and they don't deserve it. They don't. This is a good corps, started from a pile of rubble by people who love drum corps and love these kids. To blow up situations into major sexual harassment claims in order to influence members and staff and usurp a corps is WRONG. And THAT is what happened.
  2. This is the usurp camp talking. If anyone wants to know what I know about the main sexual harassment claim from last year, please PM me. I am not comfortable talking about it in the forum but I will discuss it privately. And please, I am a woman and have been sexually harassed on several occasions. I know what sexual harassment is, and what it isn't. To say the new tour staff had no agenda... please. They were ready to take over the corps. Give me a break.
  3. To the members that were victimized by Mike Stevens, I am truly sorry. He was a horrible man and never should have been allowed near young people. That being said: My son marched five years with this corps and had the time of his life. There is a lot more to the story of what happened last year (MS was no longer on staff) and sadly, it will likely never be known. Let me just say that to the best of my knowledge, the demise of this corps was the result of a perfect storm of very unfortunate events, some of which were clearly the fault of the corps, some that were not, and the timing of the whole thing. As far as I know (which is probably more than most on here), OC was willing to take full responsibility for their part. They wanted to move past this as the Cadets were able to do. There is a lot of misinformation out there, even within the corps. A certain new, but high ranking staff member last season was very influential but with nefarious intentions for usurping the corps. Social media is a very powerful thing and truth gets twisted and spun to serve agendas. (Just look at current US politics for a prime example of this). All the haters out there should be happy. The trash talking worked! I really hope OC comes back. I'm not sure I will without them so come at me guns blazing. I have said my peace, and am too heartbroken to continue any discourse.
  4. The antics of the field judges can sometimes play like a show within the show... and are quite distracting for sure! As an onlooker, one is constantly on edge, fearing that a crash will occur. I agree, if it is that distracting to watch from the stands, it could only be more so for the judge him/herself.
  5. Sounds intriguing. Can't wait to see what PC has to offer this year. I can't say enough about that Hollywood show last year. I was completely enthralled from the time I first saw them at the Portland show, which was very early on in the season. There was a lot of growth in the corps. Keep it up PC!!!
  6. I really hope this 'best practice' idea of sharing information about potential staff member problems catches on among the collective corps. I also sincerely hope that drum corps can move on from this. I believe it can, as many other organizations involved with youth are experiencing the same sort of period of reckoning, and everything can't just stop because bad people exist. That would mean the perpetrators have won.
  7. Really? Looks like full steam ahead to me.
  8. Anybody else receive one of these? I just filled mine out. I thought some of the questions were very good.
  9. I get very annoyed when people talk the entire time during a performance. It is very rude.
  10. Well I'm sure it could still happen, but since I'm a nobody, why would anyone bother?
  11. OC is full speed ahead at this point and committed as ever to provide a great member experience. In addition to the new design team recently announced, the medical staff and head drum major are for sure coming back and it is believed that some members will be coming back when the facts of what actually happened last year are fully known and sorted out. Important fact #1: individuals on the medical staff were witness to some of the incidents/reports/discussions that came up last year - and they are all coming back. Important fact #2: DCI has taken no punitive action against this corps after matters were investigated And NO I am NOT on the BOD. If I were, I wouldn't be allowed to post here. I am a super fan & supporter, former cook mom/volunteer, and a donor. I believe in this corps and that OC will weather this storm and be stronger for it.
  12. On 10/20/2018 at 12:30 PM, corps8294 said: Any word from the Oregon Crusaders? That corps sounded like it was ready to completely fall apart after the season ended.
  13. I saw that episode and heard her. One of the more esoteric contestant interviews for sure!
  14. Losing Fan Network still bites. Just sayin...
  15. Starting a Drum Corps For Dummies! I like it!
  16. 'National Touring Corps'.... wouldn't that include all the open class corps that compete in Michigan City as well? I'm seeing a lot of tiny corps if all members have to be 18+.
  17. I was teaching vocal and instrumental music at an elementary school on 9/11. One of my students, a fifth grade boy, flagged me down in the parking lot and said, "Did you hear the news? A plane crashed into the Empire State Building and the White House." Just precious.
  18. Come back in January. That's when you know who the real die-hards are!
  19. MS is the one piece of all of this where I am certain there is culpability. And I admit that that, ALONE, could spell big legal trouble. Now to the drivers. Those old guys were SO out of their element. They didn't understand that these kids are regimented every moment of time when not on the bus and that the bus was their 'off' time. I remember talking with other staff about how the drivers needed a primer on how to roll with drum corps. I saw the CG driver use his free show pass to go in to the Omaha stadium only to use the bathroom. These guys had less than zero appreciation for what was going on down on the field and what it takes to get it there. My son rode the brass bus so naturally I was VERY concerned about the brass bus driver potentially dozing off at the wheel or playing his country music just to spite the kids. I still feel that those horrible drivers brought the morale of the corps down such that it affected their performance and show quality. That being said, how, exactly, does a tour staff cancel a transportation contract in the middle of tour and hire a new company all neat and pat and instantly available? And how does one know if the new company will be any better? I remember that the percussion driver actually owned his own bus so changing drivers was not an option. Talk about a logistical nightmare. I know I'll get flamed for saying that. Oh well. If any tour director has actually pulled it off, please let me know.
  20. Obviously, four years ago is not today. My heart can and will continue to break for an organization that, in spite of the current situation, has done a lot of good for a lot of kids, my own son included.