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  1. never said they weren't their strongest section, and I'd have to agree. said they were amazing. However, I strongly disagree that having only females is an asset. Not that females alone can't get the job done. I just prefer diversity....just as there has always been something lacking to me in an all-male corps, even with their best shows. I'm looking at it from a macro level and sort of a subconscious-general-effect level that a judging and number-crunching brain can't quantify or by having legalities applied. And I'm not saying to fix anything, I'm saying to add to it. Like I said, just one of the many things that made me want to go to sleep this year. I was speaking off the cuff and being knit-picky perhaps, and I realize it doesn't really apply to the original post. First things first, I guess. Anyway, what do I know.
  2. Please. And while they're at it, please bring back a co-ed guard. Phantom's young women are amazing, no doubt, as are the instructors in the guard arena, from what I've seen. It's just one of the many things this year that makes me want to crawl into myself while yawning. You can still be classy without being so #### conservative, as seen by Carolina Crown this year, and the last. It's time to wake up again, Phantom. Progress.
  3. Very True! And in the span of Bill Watson's career, 2006 is pretty recent too. Seems Blue Devils only gets the best of the best, even their recent people aren't newbies to the business. Not many people can make a High School band sound this good on the field.
  4. They are certainly still alive in Texas, and I'm sure in many other states. Question, in what state do you live?
  5. Man, if I were a guard member and reading this, I'd at first maybe feel somewhat flattered but objectified at the same time. Then seeing all the comments about 'corps goggles' and '50 yard Fakeout', I'd feel truly offended. I think more and more attractive girls at high schools where they have great/winning guards are choosing guard over drill-team these days. They realize you can be beautiful and do something with more mental demand and skill required. Just from personal observation, it seems that we are progressing as a society, and girls and women realize that now the cool thing to do is to be pretty AND smart and empowered. I think you are accurately seeing beautiful guards these days, both guys and girls. Sorry to be a buzz kill. But seriously, there are corps members that read these after they go home from marching a summer. We want to welcome them back with positive things to say.
  6. It always seems that Regiment is one of the best top corps that do this, and have such a loyal and dedicated membership, who believe in the corps tradition. I think Cavaliers are the same way for the most part. So many times I hear of cross-pollination between Blue Devils, Cadets, Crown, etc.
  7. but we still love a good fight, on the field. No time to yield.
  8. lol. Thanks for the clarification I was like, huh? What'd I do this time?
  9. That sounds like a great idea! If you are a brass player, maybe you could even push air through the sections in the shows you are listening to when your selected instrument plays, at the same time while you are jogging? (of course, not actually with your instrument, you may get some strange looks)
  10. Haha. yeah, first tried copying and pasting directly from post. then realized what I had done, and went back and hit reply then copied. corrected now
  11. Cadets.......2011>2012 BD.............2011<2012 Cavies........2011>2012 Crown........2011=2012 Phantom.....2011<2012 SCV...........2011<2012 Bluecoats....2011>2012 Boston.......2011>2012 BK.............2011>2012 Scouts........2011<2012 Blue Stars...2011>2012 Spirit..........2011>2012 ---------------------------------- Crossmen....2011<2012 My Winner: 2011
  12. Yeah, I definitely see them climbing up in the ranks now due to that. A lot of the great Texas musicians go to the winning corps because they want that experience of being a finalist corps and working with other incredible musicians and learning from great staff. Now that Crossmen have established that finalist reputation again, and continue to stay based in Texas, I really think they are going to start seeing better recruitment and really being able to sell the brand.